Is The Legend of Zelda Sexist?

Is the Legend of Zelda degrading to women? Does its interpretation of the classic fairytale formula lead to nothing more than tale after tale of helpless damsels in distress? Does its portrayal of Link as the hero send the message that males are superior and females are useless? Sadly, to some cynics, the answer to all three is "yes".

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Pikajew2255d ago

Thinking its sexist makes you sexist.

scotchmouth2255d ago

This horrid type of thinking is usually the sign of a learning disorder. The author forgot his meds

Majin-vegeta2255d ago

Am i retarded??No there's your answer.

SolidSystem2255d ago

Zelda was pretty boss in Twilight princess. she had a claymore.

Zelda was also playing a huge part in OoT as a freedom fighter going against Ganon and helped link out many times.

Alos882255d ago

Don't feminists have enough real issues to complain about? Because I'm sure the depiction of women in videogames isn't too high on the list, not compared with things like them getting paid less than men for the same amount of work.

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