Square Enix To Utlize Unreal Engine 3 In “Multiple Titles”

Square Enix has inked a deal with Epic Games to use the Unreal Engine in future, unannounced titles.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2139d ago

I see they are taking the Activion way. Sad.

Ahasverus2139d ago

One of the companies with better graphics tech (Crystal engina, Crystal Dinamics engine, IO engine) is making a partnership with the engine that alone got stuck this generation in the blad space marine archetipe and urban enviroments because it can't render organic elements, not mentioning how vaseline smacked the models look and how unflexible it is for different genres.
Way yo go SE!

fluffydelusions2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I'm sorry but have you seen gears of war 3? It looks incredible and this comes from someone who owns both consoles. Plus the samaritan demo was using a next gen Unreal engine as well. If this deal is for next gen games it's definitely not a bad thing

Machioto2139d ago

The samaritan demo was running off an updated version of unreal engine 3 and not ue4.

Emilio_Estevez2139d ago

That's the space marine archetype he speaks of. The problems of UE are widely known, hopefully SE can do something good with it.

aviator1892139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Maybe the Unreal Engine has ease of use along with a great visual fidelity? Gears of War franchise runs it, the Bioshock franchise runs it, and they both look pretty spectacular among a slew of other titles.
Also, cheap licensing may also be a huge factor with the Unreal Engine.

Hufandpuf2139d ago

The unreal engine is so generic.

r212139d ago

dont they have their own engines? the unreal engine, i do not like. it works great and all but sometimes unreal engine games look horrid on the ps3, imo.

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