10.0 - Uncharted 3 Review

When going through life, you come across some people you can call acquaintances, some you can call drinking-buddies and some you call friends. In 2007, you may have came across a few important people. Adventurers, treasure hunters, daredevils, thrill seekers. They became acquaintances. In 2009, they became friends. Of course I’m talking about Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan et al. The first Uncharted was a really good experience but Naughty Dog upped the ante in 2009 when the sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was released. The set pieces were bigger, the shooting was tighter, the storyline was more enthralling.

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supremacy2313d ago

Great score, what else is there to say.

Trainz2313d ago

I should have got 10/5

loghain2313d ago

Perfect score? Not qualified to metacritic then lol

RIP_Weazel2313d ago

I hate conspiracy theories, but in this case, the amount of perfect scores NOT used by metacritic in their analysis is laughable. Surely the point is to show the spread of outcomes...not just the ones that the metamods want.

ssb31732309d ago

great score for a great game