Modern Warfare 3 Review -

Let us start by starting one thing. Modern Warfare 3 as a package is outstanding. It’s single player campaign is the closest to the original in terms of brilliance, it’s juggernaught of a world-dominating multiplayer is the finest yet, whilst the Spec ops has been thoughtfully updated and now includes the obligatory survival mode that is a must have in recent times.

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Tanir2435d ago

game is sooooo over rated its ridiculous. the multiplayer maps are horrid, none of them stand out like the ones in mw1 or 2.

these maps are all the same, and some are even just smashed up versions of like 3 levels and they put it together and make one level.

why people love this game idk.

Septic2435d ago

I agree on the point of the maps- they aren't distinctive at all compared to MW1 or MW2.

Still, the game is enjoyable (although imo, by no means a 9).

The Meerkat2435d ago

I played the single player to finish the story.
Tried MP but felt like a bad map pack.
Like Tanir said above, there are no memorable MP maps. The map have too many routes through them and not enough choke points. They all feel circular.

Then Skyrim came out.

andibandit2435d ago

Yeah i dont see anything great about the maps. What i like even less is the spawning system, it feels like theres always an enemy within 15 feet.

ssb31732430d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours