Black people play more video games, but little diversity behind the scenes

African Americans are among the biggest consumers of gaming products, but why aren't they behind the scenes making the games?

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yea, lets label gamers even more...

Pozzle2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

It's a fair point though. If there is indeed a lack of African Americans (or ANY particular group of people) in the industry, it brings up the question of why this is the case.

Surely the dreams and goals of white gamers aren't all that different to the dreams and goals of black gamers. So does this mean there are black gamers out there who WANT to become devs but can't, because they either don't have the opportunity, or don't have the money, or don't live in an area that offers such qualifications? And if so, is there more than can be done to help black gamers to achieve these goals? It's a valid thing that should be researched.

young juice2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

allow me (a black gamer) to insert my two cents. i wont lie... there was a point a few months ago where i decided "hey, i love video games. im gonna makem too YAY".

*downloads dev c++ and vim.

* buys prentice hall c++ without fear second edition (for beginners)

* starts reading



lol naw i havnt quits. but in all seriousness i think alot of talent goes into developing especially if your makin a good game like uncharted or gears. and when your sitting there for hours at a time it makes you think about if your wasting time

maybe ill just end up making another 'Rogue warrior'...sigh well i could always join the marines lol

n4f2439d ago

i rather play than make. its doesn't mean that playing video game automatically will make me like making them. i test video game for ubisoft and its wack.yes im getting paid but when your behind the scene its a different thing. just like in the movie. you like film but that doesnt make you an actor nor director.

Kakihara2438d ago

Don't worry Young juice, I'm whiter than a snowman's balls and I went through that exact scenario with wanting to make my own game, downloading the tools then quitting as soon as I found out it took actual effort. Making videogames is an alluring idea but way too damn hard. No matter what colour you are, that's as true as your name is creepy.

trenso12438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

That's actually what I'm planning on doing as a profession and become a developer. My computer broke down down so until I can get a new one I can't get any hands on expirence. But that is my goal and after meeting MM I can see its not impossible just requires the effort some people aren't willing to put in.

EDIt: if anyone knows of any good game development schools that would really help as well. I'm currently applying for computer engineering majors

TheXgamerLive2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Here ya go, it's simple really and so many of us get called "racist" when in fact were realist,it's reality.
Why? It's an indiviual thing but sure if you want to categorize it, then it's this, many blacks don't have the desire to be in these fields, opportunity is there for everyone and many different races are in the field, it's just that they don't want or desire to be in it. Affirmative action gives an unfair advantage today but still we see little to no blacks, so simply put, that is their choice, nothing more. To say blacks nare among the biggest/play more video games, not true. We all do. All races are crazy about gaming, there may be nations where their poverished to the point where they can't play, nor even know what video games are.
most races/people don't have the money to do what they want in life, so it''s your desire that paves thast way, and again, blacks are given even more opportunity w/free grants, loans that are minority based. Again, realist, not racist. It's just reality.
Most white/asian children desire to be a professional at something, sports is only a fun sport, blacks in general not all, but most desire and fantasize about being sports profesionals/musicians. Will blacks change and adjust their goals one day and make the playing field equal in gaming, is my guess but it is what it is.

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coolbeans2439d ago

What? Words like "studies indicate" in news blogs are not used for the purpose of labeling. They're trying to reach some sort of conclusion with this examination.

Bathyj2438d ago

"studies indicate"

Is that like the Fox News eviquilant of "Its been said..."

ATi_Elite2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

There are many People of all racial make-ups that are in the gaming business. Soledad O'Brian of CNN just has a special coming up on Blacks in Silicon Valley that making HUGE contributions to Electronics and even in video games. Sure the diversity is small at times but so is the Black Community as Blacks are third behind Whites and Latinos in population size.

As the video Game industry increases so will the diversity like all other Industries. This country has Black billionaires, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Mayors, governors, Scientist, Astronauts, Inventors, CEO's of fortune 500 companies, a Black President and even a few BLACK HOCKEY PLAYERS so I think diversity is working well.

Many many people help make a video game but usually we only see the CEO of the publishing company or the CEO of the Dev team. It's almost a chore to find Team Photos of Developers but I found a couple Bungie and Infinity Ward and guess what they have Black People......and women too.

Mutant-Spud2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Yeah Blacks are like 13% of the population, what percentage of Whites work in the gaming industry?
In reality the dev pool is tiny, the ESA estimates that only around 32,000 people work in the Gaming field in the U.S.
I have experience in trying to break into another highly competitive field, illustration and graphic design, out of the dozen or so guys I used to collaborate with 15 years ago only one ended up starting his own studio and as of 2008 none of us are still working in the field.
Another example, a housemate of mine wanted to be a film maker, he basically got paid in free meals for working on low budget film shoots, commercials and music videos for over ten years, we had to spot him rent money and drive him all over the place, he was 34 before he made his first film and until he sold it he was living in poverty, not many people White or Black have that much dedication or are willing to sacrifice so much.
In a lot of these niche jobs it's down to personality, who you know to get a foot in the door and just being in the right place at the right time.

morkendo2438d ago

African Americans are among the biggest consumers of gaming products,

is that RIGHT?? i beg the differ african americans is only 1% out of rest of the world gamers. unless the WHOLE continent of africa playing games which I seriously doubt.

seinfan2438d ago

People who live in Africa are not African Americans. They're just Africans.

SilentNegotiator2438d ago

Black Americans have higher unemployment rates in general. And between social-economic imbalance and self-demeaning culture like BET and many comedians, we're not moving past it.

Social advancement must be priority #1. Education must be treated as a value, self-image must improve, the demeaning nature of the entertainment world must stop, self-segregated culture must stop, and more has to change to see real improvement.

Right now, less qualified persons are being hired to Chicago fire departments due to a lawsuit. More qualified students are losing out on grants and scholarships because they don't happen to be minority. "Civil rights leaders" ("Reverend" Jackson) are marching to see attempted murders get lighter sentences because they attacked a person for a hate crime.
We are going about all of this completely wrong. It is the CULTURE that must change to help push us forward. You can't put people on life support forever.

Mutant-Spud2438d ago

What is it Like to Teach Black Students?

by Christopher Jackson


Pastor Manning on Black people:

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LOGICWINS2439d ago

"African Americans are among the biggest consumers of gaming products, but why aren't they behind the scenes making the games?"

Simple answer to a simple question. Most Latino, Asian, Black(basically minorities) gamers willingly CHOOSE to just play games instead of getting involved in making or marketing them in the industry.

Most game devs are white...hence they will naturally create characters that look like them.

fluffydelusions2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"Most game devs are white...hence they will naturally create characters that look like them."

Fair point, but it's also about demographics. You can bet a lot of money is invested in determining how to best cater a game to a target audience. You can see similar behavior in ads on television, newspapers, and so on. This is marketing 101.

yesmynameissumo2439d ago

How do you know they willingly choose to just play games? There are socioeconomic factors, education and access to education factors, as well as the hiring practices within the industry. Why aren't more white people professional basketball or football players? Rappers? It's more than just "they willingly choose not to" imho.

Tonester9252439d ago

-_- So black people are limited to only playing sports or rapping? Don't let the media get to your head.

yesmynameissumo2439d ago

First - I'm black. Second - Both the professions I listed are DOMINATED by blacks, similar to how the games industry is dominated by whites. Don't let jumping the gun get to your head.

Letros2439d ago

It all starts with eduction, there is quality of teaching and willingness to learn, and opportunity to succeed. If there are problems with the system, the government should be doing something about it, and sadly they don't seem to care.

Tainted Gene2439d ago

Good conversation, and I agree with yesmyname point.

Thepcz2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

''Why aren't more white people professional basketball or football players? Rappers?''

White people coach the black basketball players. White people own the stadiums. White people own the sponsors etc. White people don't play basketball, they own it.

White people own the record labels. They own itunes, they own the concert halls, the radio and mtv. white people dont rap, they 'own' rappers/artists.

But yeah, it is social economics factors that makes it that way.

Rumor2438d ago

Well star hawk the guys black aha

Pozzle2438d ago

"White people coach the black basketball players. White people own the stadiums. White people own the sponsors etc. White people don't play basketball, they own it.

White people own the record labels. They own itunes, they own the concert halls, the radio and mtv. white people dont rap, they 'own' rappers/artists."

That reminds me of a comedy routine Chris Rock did a while back: "There are no wealthy black or brown people in America...We got some rich ones, but we don't got no wealth. People ask 'what's the difference?' Shaq is rich. The white man that signs his wealthy. 'Ahh here ya go Shaq. Go buy yourself a bouncy car. Bling bling!'"

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Christopher2439d ago

***Most game devs are white...hence they will naturally create characters that look like them.***

It's not just that. If the biggest demographic is black and yet they buy the images produced by mostly non-black developers/designers, then why change it?

If everyone is eating your hamburgers, you don't change the recipe. When people stop eating them, then you look into what you need to do in order to get them back.

RememberThe3572438d ago

Thats a good point, but look at the popularity of CJ form San Andreas. GTA:SA had authentic characters that also happened to be black and it's success was insane. Even in black culture the characters of San Andreas are adored.

I don't think that the issues is that developers are sticking to white guys because they sell. Black characters have sold as well so that's not really the issue. The issue I think is what the author says; white guys drawing white guys. More black creative forces, more black characters (same goes for all races).

I see it more as a cultural issue than a race issue. The more diverse the creative talent culturally the more diverse characters will be. This change wont come from a creative push but from the natural integration that happens in open societies. Give it time, we'll see more black, asain, mexican, etc...

n4f2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

do you know what this mean?
now developer like activision , thq,ubisoft and all those mainstream that create commercial hd gray shooter/sandbox will look at that thing and in the futur,
you will have call of duty with a black protagonist he will be from the hood he will rap and all that
or in ass ass in creed the main character will be black protagonist he gonna be a killer pimp
and then microsoft is going to pull their biggest trick, in halo 4 master chief will pull out hes helmet and surprisee:hes black. and hes was from the bronx with he's homies went he decide to join the space marine.

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Optical_Matrix2439d ago

Change the title. Sorry to be pedantic, but I don't like that term 'blacks'. Hell, I don't even like the name label 'whites', and I'm black. Anyways. It's something I've been wondering which my friends who studies game design brought up further. Theres a serious lack of black people working in industry. Not that it's too much of a problem, but considering that a fuck load of black people are really into their gaming, why don't many work in industry.

I'm hoping to get into the industry through a Design/Graphics/Illustration route which I'll pursue once I have my degree. Someones gotta step up to the plate I guess lol

fluffydelusions2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Well there was a black guy during that PSV/PS3 cross platform talk at E3. Forget the game he was demoing...began with an r

radphil2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

There was one for WipEout 2048 iirc. Was talking about how the game works across the PS3/PSV platforms, and during the time he was racing while explaining to him, and won by fractions of a second at the end.

LOGICWINS2439d ago

"Theres a serious lack of black people working in industry. Not that it's too much of a problem, but considering that a fuck load of black people are really into their gaming, why don't many work in industry."

Same reason that there aren't many black surgeons and astronauts. Its just not a profession that most blacks gravitate to.

Machioto2439d ago

You are generalizing all blacks,just because you don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.

Christopher2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I don't think gravitate is an appropriate word. The truth is that a much larger percentage of black youths lack the education and financial means to get into schools with such high costs and years of education (6-8 years).

Smart people are smart no matter where they are educated, but that doesn't mean that smart people are not affected by their peers and culture. How likely is a black youth to get into medicine when he is raised by a community that lacks such influences? What are the professions that are seen as desirable in such communities? I've watched a few shows on the success of gangs and how some of the leaders of the most prominent and successful gangs have high IQs.

Many schools that black youths attend don't offer programs that aid in getting into certain schools, nor do they have the funding to fully educate kids on computers and trending technology.

Financial aid is available, but the financial status of the student's parents greatly affect how much aid is available. And, financial aid doesn't guarantee enough to pay for access to all schools.

Sadly, one of the best ways to ensure a better education for your child is to join the military and get stationed overseas with a DOD or a similar education system where there is a lot of funding into the education as well as materials. I was introduced into programming in my Freshman year in school while overseas alongside many others. I was the minority in every single one of my classes and there were a ton of bright black and Hispanic youths getting an education that otherwise would be unavailable to them in the areas their parents were from.

n4f2439d ago

regie fils-aime is half black

Convas2438d ago

GASP! You're of the browner persuasion too?! Will the revelations never end?!

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Titanz2439d ago


It is strange though. Maybe we just prefer being on tv?

LOGICWINS2439d ago

"We're too busy ballin' and cappin' asses"


CaptainMarvelQ82439d ago

If we get out and have some sun light then we would turn black.That is why.....