7/10: The review problem

Opinion: Metacritic, 'bribes' and the MW3 storm - John Dean thinks the attack on game reviewers has got out of hand

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mamotte2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Actually, there's an easier solution to this:

Stop calling reviews "reviews" and start calling'em "opinions".

Dont give an "opinion" a number. A summary of likes and dislikes at the end will do the work.

Everyone seems to hate metacritic. With no numbers, it dissapears. Easy as that. We can make it "metalikes", with a list of likes and dislikes, and how many people agree with those points.

If a review site can do it, even if it's months later, make, at least, three different opinions of a game. That way, we can be sure we got a lot of points of view.

Maybe it sounds silly, but the article make really solid points, and good advices, but let's be honest: haters gonna hate.

Shnazzyone2439d ago

Every november, too many articles like this.