PS3 message moves in new direction

Games Radar writes:

"PlayStation ads have always appeared from the other side of out there and while the latest campaign for Sony's PlayStation 3 still courts the weird and wonderful, according to the design agency behind the new project, TBWA\ London, it marks a significant shift in the message that Sony wants to convey to consumers.

"PlayStation briefs have traditionally been about embracing mood and attitude," TBWA's creative director Al Young told Creative Review magazine. "This brief is about doing that stuff, but celebrating the functionality of the new black box. It's about selling the product features, which is a bit of a first and quite an intimidating thing to do in some ways, because that's what traditional advertising does."

So, does the new TV/online campaign successfully fulfil the brief? If you haven't seen it already, you can watch it at over at PlayStation 3 site, This is Living."

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mighty_douche3883d ago

really poor ad's here in the UK, not one of them would motivate me to buy either. the only ad ive seen so far this gen that excits me is Sony's new US ads, they're great, they should just roll them out world wide.

BrianC62343883d ago

I love the SCEA commercials. They do a great job showing the PS3 as a gaming sytem and a little about Blu-ray. I don't know what to think about the Europe commercials. They don't say gaming to me at all. What is SCEE thinking on that campaign?

Bubble Buddy3882d ago

i like the NA commercial better, seriously, i don't get the UK's