Top 10 Most Critically Acclaimed PC Games of 2011

"We’ve counted down the top 10 highest scoring Playstation 3 and 360 titles this year, and now it’s time to turn to PC and see what the critics have thought of it's offerings from 2011..." GameZone

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DesVader2292d ago

I must admit, there were quite a few suprises in this - No MW3 and Battlefield 3 up at number 5. All the sales stats seems to peg MW3 above BF3, so go figure.

Portal 2 in the second position. Great game, but I don't think its better that some of the other titles on the list.

Skyrim in at one...Wow, but the game has had fantastic feedback.

ringojelly2292d ago

Surely the witcher must be higher? =P

Where do the scores come from?

ATi_Elite2292d ago

They are using Metacritic scores.

Skyrim just came out so not a lot of scores yet where as all the others have over 50 scores.

ringojelly2291d ago

UGH metacritic. They weight their scores retardedly. I lolled at Modern Warfare 3 being review bombed down to a 3.2

Choc_Salties2292d ago

Skyrim was highly anticipated, but I'm thinking the scores might be a bit fudged in its favour. Although I'm happy that Portal 2 scored highly. Also happy about Deus Ex.

2292d ago
SonZeRo2291d ago

Gogo Skyrim. BF3 is just sooo much better than MW3 thats all. :-) I was surprised to see Witcher so far down but i guess the very linear storyline that was kinda forced on you had something to do with it.

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