Why Our Daughters Need to Play More Video Games

Girls today are steering away from math, science and computers in record numbers. In 2011, women in the U.S. earned only 18 percent of all computer science degrees (compared to 37 percent 20 years ago) and made up less than 25 percent of the workers in engineering and computer-related fields. Fewer than 10 percent (9.8) of American engineers today are women.

So how do we reverse this trend? Sheryl Sandberg (pictured), the outspoken COO of Facebook and a role model for women in technology, recently gave some interesting -- and very simple advice on how we, as parents, can encourage our daughters to take an early interest in the STEM fields.

Sandberg's advice? Encourage our daughters to play more video games -- and even play with them -- to pique their interest in computers.

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JBaby3432467d ago

Not sure getting them hooked on video games is the answer as the average gamer I come into contact with online is no scholar. Being an American I can definitely tell you that as a society we are breeding more idiots by the day with faltering school systems not helping anything. Even Universities seem to be catering to people's growing ignorance with watered-down material. With that being said more power to women and men who want to educate themselves and reach higher.

waltyftm2466d ago

My 4 year old daughter loves my PS3, she plays Sonic, LBP2, GT5 and RDR, and i always try to use these games to teach her something like colours and shapes.