Games to blame for illiteracy, says The Sun

English children's reading skills have slipped from third to fifteenth in the world, according to a new study – and it's all the games industry's fault, says The Sun. "Kids hooked on computer games have sent England plummeting down world league tables for reading," begins the story. "Ministers claimed pupils spend so much time on consoles that they are not burying their noses in books," it continues.

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Neurotoxin3952d ago

I Blame RAP culture for the falling standards of English written, and spoken by children.

Somethings i hear living in london are as follows.

"Dats Well Prong"..... Apparently that means somethings good.
"I Swear Down on dis ting"... Apparently "swearing down" on something is like making a promise.

Retards Attempting Poetry, or in other words RAP.

Skerj3952d ago

Rap's bad (definately not to be confused with hip-hop) but it's the parent's fault their kids are illiterate. Who let them play games all day instead of studying? Besides, play RPGs plenty of reading in that :D

solar3952d ago going to have meltdown if go into this topic about rap and hip-hop. but i agree with you. horrible influence on society. ok, i need to go rub my earlobes now.

ItsDubC3952d ago

Rap is a subgenre of hiphop music and yes, it contains a lot of slang and nontraditional sentence structures. I listened to a lot of rap as a teen (I've since moved on to far more superior forms of hiphop music) and it may have affected my vernacular, but I knew proper English as well and used it where appropriate (such as on schoolwork). Most ppl talk differently than the way they write, and media such as music, games, and movies shouldn't take all the blame for kids not being able to discern between proper English and characteristics of everyday English dialogue.

Skerj3952d ago

Hah I knew you knew something with a name like ItsDubC. But yeah there are a lot of intelligent MCs with thesaurus like vocabularies, KRS-One is a testament to that. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum you have Souljah Boy who shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as hip hop (even though I just did FOR SHAME!!).

ItsDubC3952d ago

lol Soulja Boy... *sigh*

Since moving to Houston, I've never once felt the need to fix my car's radio antenna. Most hiphop from the south is just garbage in my opinion, so I stick to my CDs and MP3s.

KRS-One and other MCs from hiphop's Golden Age are so many levels above what is being played on the radio these days because unfortunately, a lot of good hiphop just isn't marketable to the masses in the eyes of huge recording companies. This is also why there's such a huge underground/independent hiphop movement right now.

PS: Bubble-up Skerj for being in the know!

BrotherNick3952d ago

I blame parents not pushing their kids to read and learn...I had to read books before games when I was younger.

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BloodySinner3952d ago

I couldn't speak/read/write English seven years ago, so I don't see what the problem is here. In my case, video games are the PRIMARY reason I decided to pick up English. So I could understand what was being said on screen whenever I played a game. My passion for video games are the reason I'm able to communicate with all of you today.

games4fun3952d ago

ffVII as a kid made me want to read alot of the text that game has

commadore653951d ago

but it's been voice acting for a while now. there's much less text in games.

not that i think playing games has much to do with reading standards in the UK. Parents should spend a bit of time helping their kids to be literate, my parents did. Can't rely on schools for the entirity of a childs education.

Games do eat up alot of time when one's a kid though. I Spent all my spare time on my Snes, but doesn't kids reading magazines (or the internet now days) contribute to their literacy even if it is just game reviews?

DolphGB3952d ago

A newspaper that requires a reading age of an 11 year old publishing a piece about illiteracy! Fantastic.

Personally I blame the parents for not providing their children with a balanced choice of entertainment (books included) and schools for not moving with the times and explaining the difference between English and TXT language. IMHO.

commadore653951d ago

yeah! they dont deserve to read.

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