Upcoming Xbox360 Apps preview!

In the coming weeks Microsoft will be adding a few dozen apps to the xbox live marketplace for the users. Most of these applications are still not ready for public consumption as of now but a few are ready to come out of their shells! A complete list will be provided later on for those curious. Today we'll be showing a brief look at three upcoming apps for xbox live; Youtube, VEVO, and iHeartRadio!

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gamingdroid2292d ago

DANG! Can't wait!

Hopefully us beta users get access to these soon.

B1663r2292d ago

Screw youtube, I want VEVO yesterday.

illtownNJONE2292d ago

I know, I can't wait for this

optimus2292d ago

I guess I must be the only one that doesn't care for any of these since I have the lowest bandwith possible to play online but not stream...good for you all I guess.