Mass Effect 3: 'I'd love to see a Mass Effect MMO. People want to live in that world'

Creative director Casey Hudson speaks out on multiplayer narratives, a Mass Effect MMO and Bethesda.

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DA_SHREDDER2350d ago

I would rather have an Elder Scrolls MMO, I don't think the class system in ME has enough variety to justify it being a huge MMO.

Pikajew2350d ago

I agree ES would work better playing with other people.

ziggurcat2350d ago

i don't think anything has the variety to justify a MMO.

@pikajew: no. it's a singleplayer game. it should only ever be a singleplayer game, just like ME.

Disccordia2350d ago

I know people who are going to work at Biowares new studio in Ireland and the word on the grapevine is that an mmo is in development right now

fourthpersonview2350d ago

If they ever made a Mass Effect MMO, I hope its F2P

MasterD9192350d ago

I'd like to see it on consoles if they do it...It can be done.

JsonHenry2350d ago

I think next gen is gonna see the rise of MMOs on consoles. And assuming the game plays out like ME does only in an MMO setting I would be totally happy with that.

2350d ago
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