Skyrim: 48 Hours Of Funny Glitches – Part 2

360 Magazine: Is it really bugging us that much?

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Dailynch2134d ago

Again with the bugs! Just play the game. Unless the bugs are stopping you of course. Damn bugs! (shakes fist)

egidem2134d ago

Some bugs are pertty the flying horse dragon one. For a moment there, I thought that it was part of the game. XD

RankFTW2134d ago

Not a bug but funny, took me ages to get that on there heh.


egidem2134d ago

I saw a similar bug elsewhere. Some guy was in a house and before he could steal, he covered the man and woman's faces with a bucket so that they wouldn't see what's happening...and it worked!

Fishy Fingers2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I've had the odd mammoth drop out the sky, that's about it. As long as it's not game breaking I'm not bothered, in fact, they offer up the occasional laugh.

Biglet2134d ago

Totally agree with you dude. As long as the game isn't breaking and the sillies happen only on the odd occasion, I love that stuff!