Orange Box PS3 may not be that bad, but reports still say worse than 360 version

To say that EA's port of Valve's Orange Box on PS3 suffered a bit from 1Up's damning preview is a serious understatement. Now, either EA has really taken 1Up's complaints to heart or the site was lumbered some very early preview code to toy with because fresh impressions are filtering through the interwebs painting a very different picture of the Orange Box's performance. Kotaku, IGN and GameSpy are three big names that have come out in support of the mega-bundle, stating that in final code, frame rate issues were noticeable but negligible and certainly not bad enough to make much of an impact on the gameplay.

If this proves to be the case in the final retail copy, and there's little reason to suspect it won't, then EA should get something short of a clap on the back, but a least a nod of acknowledgement that it has finally pulled its finger out and overcome its PS3 demons. However, one sentiment still remains – that the Xbox 360 version is superior – and that isn't going to please PS3's hardcore.

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iceice1233831d ago

The PS3 can't handle a 3 year old physics engine and average graphics. Why wait b3yond people, jump in.

s8anicslayer3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

your a [email protected]##in moron,given ea's history on porting games to the ps3 from xbox 360 is expected to be crappy that's a given and we shouldnt expect anything less,that's why many people including myself will not buy orange box or any game by gabe newell wether it's pc or 360 especialy the ps3.your childish i mean gay fanboy comments say alot about your character! ps. if you can't afford a ps3 just say so and you can have a chance to recieve one buy our annual toys for tots campaign.haha!lol!you poor [email protected]@rd

Panthers3831d ago

Quit trying to sell a console. People will get what they like. Both are good.

This game is obviously going to be better on the 360. EA is terrible at PS3 games and the fat bastard at Valve hates the PS3. He hates everything, but he hates the PS3 the most.

I think that it is so funny that some companies can make amazing games on the PS3 and other are terrible at it. Makes no sense.

fredy3831d ago

"I hate EA" (and UBI, Activision, Capcom, id, Epic, and 2K)
"EA is MS's b!tch"
"MS funds all review-sites"
"EA=Peter Moore"
"Just Wait"
"Just wait till 08"
"just wait till 09"
"Lazy devs"
"ring of death"
"EA sucks"
"EA can't make good games" (Battlefild, most sports titles, Burnout, The Sims and upcomming Crysis and Army of Two)
"f**k EA"
"f**k Peter Moore and the color of his underpants"
"f**k MS"
"EPIC UNREAL engine is CRAP all the sudden"
"HALO3 is all MS has[AAA games include GOW, Bioshock, Mass effect..etc.coming soon]"
"Konami and their sh$tty PS3 online PES"[we like EA Fifa, afterall[the irony]

Only if sony used an architecture that was actually made for gaming, Orange Box would of been sweet on there.

Zhuk3831d ago

All games look and play better on the Xbox 360, simply because it is the most powerful gaming console on the market. This is now a undisputable fact considering how much better every game runs on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3

pandabear3831d ago


What about fight night 3 & Oblivion being superior on the PS3????

iceice1233831d ago

An extra year to work on the PS3 version and could only get a bit further draw distance. Fight night round 3 looks better on the 360. I remember when the comparison was done, 360 once again had the best lighting. Oh and panda what about VF5 looking better on the 360?

Saint Sony3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

You have to check your facts. PS3 version of Oblivion had more dev time yes, it got several bug fixed, tweaks here and there, but all the same improvements have been now done for 360 as well and comes under Game of the Year edition. Sorry to steal your cookie, but PS3 is no more superior what comes to Oblivion.

Fight night 3?.. did not even know people play it.

@lovedaddy below

Drake is not the best looking console game in the market, what ever the reviewer say. It is just one reviewer opinion, not a fact. You have to be fool to trust reviewers instead of your own eyes.

lovedaddy3831d ago

The only thing this proves is that shovelware devs produce shovelware games. If you think thats a reflection of the ps3, or its hardware, then you're a retard, plain and simple.

Lets not forget this bold statement from the Drakes review...
"Drake’s Fortune is easily the best-looking console game on the market."

360sucks3831d ago

better go ask your mommy
for $50 dollars

crank3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )



All you have on VF5 is slightly worse clarity in textures and much better AA

notice better veins on PS3

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picker3323831d ago

That's because they havn't discover'd the full power of the ps3 yet.
You know that the ps3 is better you just don't want to admit it yet,becouse you did a big mistake and buy'd a 360.

iceice1233831d ago

Yes, keep telling yourself and others that. "Wait b3yond guys things will get better!" You're in for one hell of a let down. PS3 is inferior to the 360, get use to it. It will always be that way, it has been for the past year and will be as long as games are being made for it.

"You know that the ps3 is better you just don't want to admit it yet,becouse you did a big mistake and buy'd a 360."

He made a big mistake by buying the system with the greatest holiday line up, the system with some of the best titles in gaming history with more to come? Damn Zhuk, looks like you really did make a mistake!

Bladestar3831d ago

"You're in for one hell of a let down".. I don't know man... Sony fanboys are brain trainned by Sony... they don't mind waiting and they don't mind having an excuse....

Wait until the PS3 is released...
Wait until Resistance is released...
wait until Lair is released...
wait until (enter game here)...
Wait until PSN is released...
wait until Home is released...
wait 6 months after the PS3 is released...
wait 1 year after the PS3 is released...
wait until next year....

they can contine doing this for ever... there is no stopping them...

wait until Kill Zone 3, Final Fantasy 20 and Metal Gear 17 is released and you will see the true power of the cell...

Waiting for Sony fanboys to stop saying that (ever) is like waiting for snow in Haiti... one can only hope...


Zhuk3831d ago

Bubbles for Icewake and Bladestar, it is always nice to see enlightened and intelligent gamers on this site

Taker_1293831d ago

you think ps fans do all the waiting, well if you look at yourselves it seems like you guys do most of the paying.

You pay for Xbl(which is only slightly better then psn)
you pay for themes(we get them for free and can create our own)
you pay for WiFi (it's included with the ps3)
you pay for HD format (it's included with the ps3)
you pay for console repairs (lots of people have no clue there is a 3 year warranty)
you pay for Hdmi (it's included with the ps3)
the list goes on on. And some of you are dumb enough to buy 2-3 of the unless 360 and say ps fans pay to much. Most of you are praying that the next time you push the power button you wont get the red rings of death.

AuburnTiger3831d ago

lol, bubbles coming from you isn't saying much

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[email protected]3831d ago

Jump in into rrod not thanks I get better things to do ^_^ like play Uncharted as a example :oP.

Oh, Both console are powerful enough to handle anything (I think) the code is the important thing here... get any acknowledge before speak a word around here don't be soooo noob'.

Nice day.

s8anicslayer3831d ago

your right you retard,it is inferior to the ps3 verion,i couldn't of said it better myself!

picker3323831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

VF5 better on the 360????
It's proven that vf5 is better on the ps3.
I'm not saying in gameplay but in graphic's.

iceice1233831d ago

The 360 version having better AI, graphics and online play make it inferior to the PS3 version?

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