Jilted Boyfriend Hocks Engagement Ring for Halo Armor

Jilted Boyfriend Hocks Engagement Ring for Halo ArmorWhen his fiancée suddenly dumped him, Eric Smith of Geekadelphia decided that simply selling off the engagement ring he bought her wasn't good enough. The cash from that transaction also had to be expurgated as well. Thus Smith used it to acquire a suit of badass Spartan MJOLNIR armor to shield his heart from the hurt of the world.

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Trainz2468d ago

Good for him.
She dumped him anyway and once you get dumped you always feel like sh*t and you do crazy sh*t you will soon regret.

DarkBlood2468d ago

thats why you dont try to get married folks never have never will

in the words of Hercule from DBZ *OH THE PAIN THE PAIN OH THE PAINNNN* lol

cyborg69712468d ago

Judging by the purchase I don't think he was ready to get married anyway.

ForROME2463d ago

Women do it all the time to men, why not the other way around