Skyrim: Killing a chicken vs. shopkeeper's wife

InEntertainment writes: Skyrim is a fantastic game – there’s no denying that – but there are a few inconsistencies that will make you scratch your head. You will take part in many quests and do many great things, but slip up once and the world of Skyrim will punish you for it. However, in other respects you can do something truly bad and pay a bounty and all is forgotten.

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danswayuk2292d ago

If someone killed your wife, surly no bounty paid would be enough to that person, even in Skyrim?

Darrius Cole2292d ago

Indeed, the service of killing someone's wife for them is so valuable that no price is high enough to be just compensation.

Dunpeal2292d ago

game has a few headscratching moments, but I think it's a balance between realism and it's a damn video game. damned if you do, damned if you don't i guess

TheOtherTheoG2292d ago

I accidentally punched a chicken in the middle of a brawl and got arrested earlier. Good fun.

--Onilink--2292d ago

they should make some link to the past reference and have a bunch of chicken come out of nowhere and attack you if you kill a chicken, lol

Panthers2291d ago

Sometimes I would just turn on the game to hit a chicken over and over till the all came out and started attacking me. I loved that as a kid for some reason.

Trenta272292d ago

It's hard to anticipate all possible responses, especially with a game this size. I'm guessing future Elder Scrolls games on next gen consoles will be mindblowing. I can't wait.

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