GTA V Leaked Map is Fake

GB : Dsogaming released a bunch of images which they claimed was the leaked GTA V map, but it turns out that it’s fake. Like anyone thought otherwise. We have some forensic analysis on those images, which show that they’re heavily modified.

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Ezio20482380d ago

thank god!!
i was expecting a big map...

hennessey862380d ago

by the look of that map we would only get los santos and not las venturas and the others aswell

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2380d ago

They really never mentioned anything about Las Venturas and san fierro. Rockstar mentioned only Los Santos so far so thats what im going by.

Maybe they'll show up at the Spike video game awards and show us some stufff :)

TheEatingVodka2380d ago

They actually said only Los Santos will be available..
But still it's supposed to be really big

Razmossis2380d ago

Still looks pretty real to me, regardless of some buggy dollar sign.

MaxOpower2380d ago

I think they have made things pretty clear. THIS is what we are getting:

GRAND THEFT AUTO V Official Announcement

"Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created."

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kingdavid2380d ago

Good news now whitelightning can stop crying.

Stuart57562380d ago

'GTA V Leaked Map is Fake'

You don't say!

rezzah2380d ago


All you needed to do was read was the title to know that.

People look for attention so they create simplistic things or ideas to gather that attention.

Is making a false map that hard? I dont' think so, especially with the capabilities of many people out there who are very aware and interested in GTA.

davidmccue2380d ago

Its the way of the N4G, first guy posts an article about so called 'Leaked' info, then moments later, theres another one saying its fake, and both end up being the top story.

Rumors should be banned from N4G, lets just have the facts and not these websites which just fake/start rumors to gain some hits.

LOGICWINS2380d ago

Why would someone go through the trouble of faking a map?

Septic2380d ago

The same reason people go through the trouble of faking orgasms?

rezzah2380d ago

Was that suppose to be funny?

kingdavid2380d ago

To a 10 year old with a septic bladder i could imagine it is.

Septic2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

A septic bladder? That's more random than an asthmatic cat on a skateboard holding a Pepsi can.

In my defence, my statement (or question) has an element of truth to it as News4geeks says:

"they may find it fun, they may get a buzz from fooling people into thinking it's real"

Either way, I'll get my coat....

kingdavid2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

You should start a comedy duo with dane cook is what I meant.

Ricardoportillo042380d ago

not really,..people fake orgasms to make you happy while whoever made the fake map just wants to punk you

bozebo2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

"not really,..people fake orgasms to make you happy while whoever made the fake map just wants to punk you"

This lol. +bubs to a few ppl.

It's funny because the former has a negative effect in the long run... psht, woman. :P

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LeftPawedFox2380d ago

That's what i'm saying. What the hell's the point of doing such a thing? To get hype? To say oh I tricked you but they never will because we have no idea he "leaked" the pics. I just don't freaking get it.

news4geeks2380d ago

they may find it fun, they may get a buzz from fooling people into thinking it's real, nerd bragging rights... innumerable reasons really.

rezzah2380d ago

To gather attention, not like they could make a profit off it.

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TopDudeMan2380d ago

Well, yeah. I think they're a little more careful than that to allow the games map to be leaked to the public so soon.

bozebo2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Not really. I knew it was set in SA 2 years ago. Obviously that would be a very good and likely guess if someone where to invent a rumour. But I heard it off somebody with direct connections to their Edinburgh studio on a night out (people say stupid things when drunk).

Sure, they will have been very careful - but it is impossible to 100% guarantee that it cannot be leaked.

Hell, the Realtime Worlds offices had greyed out windows but one of them was smashed one saturday morning and they had translucent plastic over it for 2 working days before it was replaceed... allowing everybody walking past to see in. Pitty they were making a failed game anyway :(

Obviously there are many more reasons to keep GTA5 under wraps (and RS are a lot more competent lol), but it goes to show...

TopDudeMan2379d ago

"people say stupid things when drunk"

Information obtained from a drunk person isn't very valid, is it?

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