Skyrim Blue Eye Disease or a Bug?

"Recently, Skyrim's fan has taken a screenshot that shows a bug, or it's probably a disease on the eye."

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CrimsonEngage2380d ago

This is lame. If it were a disease it would tell you under "magic". Common sense, this person has none.

wallis2380d ago

Maybe it's the ghost of "get a better fucking news story"?

Mr_cheese2380d ago

lmaoooooo I love that ghost!

bozebo2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Every Bethesda game since/including Oblivion has had buggy eyes in one way or another and on one platform or another.

I like the way the poster didn't set it as the article image because he/she wouldn't get any hits. If you aren't going to pay for a domain name then don't expect any hits in the future anyway. Site+Story downrated. (please remember to do that guys, to stop n4g slipping in quality more than it already has. click on the site name below read full story)

lame article :P

Smelly1sam2379d ago

OH OH and the games before Oblivion were buggy to *looks at Morrowind*

bozebo2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Yeah :P

But not the eyes. They have had 5 years to fix the bug lol.

I never got to witness the glory of Morrowind bugs because I wound up playing it on Xbox first and experienced a world of crashes (and 15 minute load times) instead :D Though I guess they are bugs in a sense.

Smelly1sam2379d ago

OMG the xbox ver was just sad! i wanted to kill my self waiting all the time! But now its in my pc with all the expansion packs with my PIMPED out Redguard.