New GT.TV Content for GT5 Prologue Demo

Polyphony Digital and Sony are really giving your your money's worth with that 100% free Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo that's available for download from the Japanese PlayStation Store. Today, Sony announced one piece of new content for the demo.

Starting 11/30, GT fanatics will be able to download a new, totally free, video clip for the demo's GT-TV mode. Titled The GT-R Legend Inside Story I, the clip is an original production from the Nissan GT-R development team and the Gran Turismo staff. It includes HD footage of the GT-R's development and of Gran Turismo producer Kazunoru Yamauchi test driving the car at Nurburgring in Germany.

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Multigamer3946d ago

on the fence, how long did it take them to do a demo we wont see the next 1 till ps4

Hydrollex3946d ago

They are wasting time ! they had to make something like MGS4. Driving games are boring and you get bored after 30 minutes playing --> My opinion. who thinks like me ? Agree and Disagree

predator3946d ago

i disagree, i love raing games, all gt, loved forza 2 and pgr 3 and 4, i like my cars anyway so that helps and being an ex boy racer also helps 3, this game does look really good

Maddens Raiders3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Racing games are the shiznit my brother and Gran Turismo is the creme de la creme.

Hydrollex3946d ago

you don't have a car. When you get a car you'll hate driving games. For me it did

predator3946d ago

hell no, been driving since i was 17 (now 22), ive stoped all the spining round town sh!t, sold my corsa gsi, got a zr have only put a scorpian exhaust on.

do a lot of driving to since i commute to work from home every week, and playing racing games has not made me get sick of driving, the opposite actually

power0919993946d ago

It should make you want to play racing games more when you have a car.

I think what you mean is if you love cars...

I have a car, I love it. I don't drive fast, so I get my thrills in a environment where I can't hurt anyone. ...Video Games.

hotrider123946d ago

I love all racing games. and I know this one (gt5) going to be awsome!!! EA better hop on board with need for speed graphics up scale
like gt5 and put cops back in their game.

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