EyePet & Friends: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: Despite – or perhaps because of – 3DS and Kinect’s suitability to augmented reality console gaming, Sony has taken steps this year to muscle back into the AR arena. EyePet & Friends is the first ‘proper’ sequel to the first game and, thankfully, it ditches the Magic Card in favour of PlayStation Move. That in itself automatically fixes many problems; but have other issues been addressed?

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goodbyeN4Gfaggots2412d ago

Sony are the best when it comes to AR. It's very likely there will be an Invizimals game on the Vita. If there is, it'll sell better on it because people wont have to buy a seperate camera.

mcstorm2412d ago

I got Eye pet when it 1st came out but its biggest problem is the light. If its too dark it cant pick you up and too bright its the same. I still think Sony need to work on the eye toy for games like this as if they fix the light problems then games like this would be a big hit for the ps3. Move is a start to this fix though.