Skyrim Nude Mod Download and Installation Guide (Fantasy Update)

Pinoytutorial: For those who are fantasizing how you can play Skyrim with all its barmaids getting stripped out from their clothing, a third-party nude mod is now available as we speak which is fully working on PC.

Check out its installation guide on this report.

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lastdual2291d ago

Well that didn't take long...

mittwaffen2290d ago

when nerd are playing for 73 hours straight, they gotta get their fix ingame.

Whoever installs this is in need for some serious help.

DeeBee2291d ago

Well there appears to be a huge demand for these kinds of mod, so it's not surprising one was released so soon.

Avernus2291d ago

Anyone else click to see virtual boobs? hehehe

Dunpeal2291d ago

With the relative ease of getting porn on the web these days, this most certainly has to be a fetish thing lol