Wired: uDraw and Wii U make controllers big again

Andy Robertson writes: "Videogame controls are probably the epitome of human interface design. Once large and unwieldy, like the giant-friendly original Xbox controller (affectionately remembered as The Duke), controllers have more recently been miniaturised and designed to fit effortlessly into our hands (or, in the case of Kinect, not even that)."

"But now we have the reverse happening with peripherals like the uDraw. Driven by the desire to offer the player an intuitive pen-based interface, the uDraw tablet is large and almost Fisher-Price-like in design. While the upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version will change the colour to black and look a little more high-tech, it is still quite a departure from where controllers seemed to be headed."

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rezzah2464d ago

...Make controllers big again or maybe...Nintendo's UDrawn and WiiU controller are big/huge/ over sized?

The title implies that all other systems controllers are now big because this upcoming system's controllers are big..which makes no sense.

Btw do they believe that Sony and MS are going to follow through and make big controllers for their next consoles? Doubt it as the 360's controller was smaller than the xbox, Sony's has remained the same with only weight differences since PS1.

egidem2464d ago

They believe that since Nintendo decided to introduce in motion controls with the Wii U and in turn Microsoft and Sony responded later on with their own versions, they believe that the same will happen again...which is obviously not true.

matey2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

the wiiu controller is quite small think a 3ds with a inch all the way around as the 3ds from 1 corner to the next in a diagnal measures around 6.2 inch so think of the 3ds as the wiiu tablet screen then a mere inch of casing

the wiiu tablet is also very light as everyone said that held it its also alot more compact than you think.

BuffMordecai2464d ago

I thinks its kind of dumb for nintendo to have only one controller connected to it's console at once. Local play is important and this move is one reason it might fail.