Your Guide to Getting Skyrim Looking, And Playing, Better

Luke Plunkett: "If you've got the 360 or PS3 versions of Skyrim, you've got a very fine game on your hands. If you've got the PC version, though, the game you've got is just the beginning.

In the years to come there will be mods, tweaks and cheats you can use to dramatically transform the game, Bethesda's original vision relegated to mere building blocks for something larger, grander and more customised.

In this guide, I'm going to show you the best ways already available to make Skyrim both look and play better."

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Sub4Dis2464d ago

Every bethesda game looks and plays like crap on PC. you'd think by now they would have worked the kinks out of their very dated engine.

don't get me wrong, i really like skyrim; but i knew better than to buy it for PC. learned my lesson after the disaster that was new vegas.

nycredude2464d ago

Are you serious? Even if the pc version is identical to the console version just the fact that you can play it on native 1080p makes it look better. I'm 10 hours in so far it looks way better on pc plus it has gamepad support 100%.

bozebo2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

New vegas wasn't made by the same studio.

(almost) Any game that releases that closely after it's predecessor is going to be badly made or barely improved. (so, so many examples lol).

And anyway, Skyrim's launch has been bumpy on all platforms but the least bumpy on PC (sure, the ui makes no attempt to make use of the best input device ever invented for UIs - the mouse, but with a controller its identical to consoles in terms of input and a bit better on many other levels)

A-Glorious-Dawn2464d ago

You're joking.

"every bethesda game looks and plays like crap on pc"

So what does that make the console versions?

lMHl2464d ago

new vegas wasnt made by the same ppl who made skyrim

it was made by a sister company

CommonSense2464d ago

It's still the same engine, same publisher.

iMpuTeD2464d ago

new engine to or at least modified or something but ya obsidian made fallout new vegas thats why fallout 3 was better lol. But ya pc will always be better cause of the mods i mean look at the mods already and the game has barely been out a week.

bozebo2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Raging at a comment on kotaku there!
"If on a scale from 1 to 100 where 100 was amazing, the Skyrim UI gets a 65."

65? More like 5. Even on consoles it could be way better, it doesn't even have any icons - wtf? It pretty much ignores all aspects of good UI design, even for controller use it could be a lot better. Also, if you rebind keys then the UI lies about what keys need to be pressed (horrible programming of the worst magnitude; hard coded key checks in a AAA title... wtf) and can cause the game to freeze until you press the one that it wants you to but is not visible anywhere. It also completely neglects to mention a lot of controls such as how to view an item up close or how to rotate the map view.

The UI is bulky (they don't even reduce the font size for PC...), doesn't use screen real estate (loads of scrolling for no reason), gives you hardly any info about anything (just compare it to any other RPG's UI, oblivions or morrowinds being most relevant). The UI also lacks basic polish, for example it starts off scrolled to the top of the list with half of the list off the bottom of the screen when it could have the list origin at the top of the screen and show every element on-screen without the need to scroll (they basically pay no attention to the fact people use different resolutions and make everybody scroll rather than just people on very low resolutions). Again, doesn't hurt the overall game and it doesn't actually annoy me in-game - but it proves they couldn't be bothered with basic tweaks, a AAA developer. supposedly among the best minds in the industry? (literally ONE number in the source code for that. Unless they used some crazy horrible method to program it).

"your statement about Beth not caring about PC versions anymore is BS. The fact that they still allow you to tweak .ini settings and allow mods means they care a whole lot. "

Allowing .ini tweaks is for their benifit. They made the mod tools anyway because they use the same tools (or a close variant of) in-house to make the actual game (they would lose loads of sales in the next game from PC players if they insulted us that much). Not only that but the texture resolutions are insanely low - they will have better textures made by the artists on the source models, all they need to do is pass them through the toolchain with higher resolution output settings; every big studio has a setup like that and works with high res source textures (they probably had them higher res in alpha tests to find the threshold of performance for consoles - scaling them down bit by bit untill the fps & ram usage was barable).

I have no idea how they can be too dumb to program decent mouse input. The mouse input in FA and Oblivion was fine, how did they mess it up? Why the HELL is your vertical sensitivity tied to frame rate and why the HELL is acceleration on by default? Clearly they didn't play test it AT ALL with a mouse, even knowing that the vast majority of PC players will be wanting to use a mouse. It's almost like they deliberately made the mouse controls crap so people would use a controller and not notice how bad the UI is.

Skyrim has sold extremely well on PC. For a multiplat it has sold vastly better on PC than most multiplats do - they know they have a massive PC following and they know that most of the playtime overall is going to be on the PC platform yet they aim for consoles (which make less profit per sale). Infact, with the relative closeness in sales I would wager that the PC has been the most profitable individual platform as of yet, but a lot of kids will be getting it for christmas on 360 I guess... Not that they know anything about TES, it's had TV adverts so they will want it instantly. I for one, will not be buying the next Bethesda game on launch, if at all.