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Jeff Gerstmann: "At the center of Need for Speed: The Run is a fantastic idea. Maybe it's just because I've always been a big Cannonball Run fan, but the mere thought of a cross-country race is enough to get me going. So with that in mind, it probably wouldn't surprise you to hear that I was kind of pulling for The Run. But it's disappointing on almost every level. Aside from some occasionally nice graphics and audio, there aren't too many worthwhile things to be found in this year's Need for Speed. It squanders its terrific concept by saddling it with poor handling, insanely inconsistent off-road and crash behaviors, and straightforward, race-only multiplayer that isn't good enough to keep you coming back. If you want to play this type of light, arcade-like driving game, stick to last year's Hot Pursuit."

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MasterD9192468d ago

Didn't think this would tear anyone away from Forza.

StanLee2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Everything about the game seemed mediocre from day 1. EA is ruining the Need for Speed brand. What they need to focus on is making a better Shift; more cars, tracks, customization and better physics. If they can pull that off, being multiplatform, they'll compete directly with GT and Forza. Get to it EA and stop pissing about!

MasterD9192468d ago

I think they ought to just release Need For Speed:Underground 3 and try to reclaim a portion of the racing market that is still available....imported cars and street racing. Those games had their own style and were fun, as well as impressive for that time.

Anything else will be swiped under the rug when you can just pop in GT or Forza.