Game Developer Salary Survey 2011

Game Developer Salary Survey 2011

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manman62348d ago

This something people should know if they want to go into the game industry.

gamingdroid2348d ago

Yeah, that it is a lot of hard work and very little pay relative to other industries.

However, the people there are likely to be very passionate about what they do....

Pandamobile2348d ago

Yeah id rather make 75k doing something that I love than doing something I hated for 100k

gypsygib2348d ago

Kinda sad that the business guys who don't do anything to create the game have the highest pay.

aquamala2348d ago

That's really not a lot for software engineers

ABizzel12348d ago

I remember not to long ago people on here were saying

"The average lead game developer makes only $30,000"

Ignorance has been cured for those people, since my words "someone who personally knows some game developers" just couldn't know.