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Make no mistake, Halo Anniversary is the exact same game you played on your Xbox all those years ago. It’s not so much of a remake as it is a remastering. The most obvious update are the graphics, which have been completely redone for the entire campaign using Halo Reach’s engine. The result is an absolutely gorgeous game with some really great effects. When Halo was released it was lauded for its graphics, which of course now look dated. But when you set foot on Halo for the first time, just like when you played the game all those years ago - you’ll be wowed by the huge vistas, bold colors, and of course Halo itself extending into the horizon. If you want to remember what it looked like before, simply press the back button on the controller to switch to classic graphics, and you can see just how long ago 10 years really is.

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ddelella2434d ago

I would give it a 3/5 simply for the lack of Xbox Live co-op. It mentions co-op in all the documentation and promotions but what it doesn't say is that it only works with friends. The game play is actually a little harder due to some the changes in the remastered version but overall it plays really well. The video can be a bit jerky at times and the co-op can be laggy. I think the game would be better at a $25 price point.

ssb31732428d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better