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Nicholas Puleo: "It’s without a doubt that the biggest selling and most popular franchise of this generation is the Call of Duty franchise, more specifically, the Modern Warfare iterations of it. Now onto the third and final chapter that tells the story of the world’s battle against a psychopathic Russian terrorist named Markov, Modern Warfare 3 is bigger and better than ever.

Like anyone at the top, its easy to try to pick apart Modern Warfare 3’s flaws to try to chisel it down from the throne. The campaign in Modern Warfare 3 is still a mostly linear affair, and you’ll still have to accomplish things by the way the folks at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games designed. Cheap game play mechanics like artificial triggers in a firefight which cause you to fiight off seemingly endless waves of enemies are definitely still here, but it’s also not as apparent. The graphics also begin to show their age, and while the character models look really good, the world is filled with plenty of polygons and poor textures that don’t hide the aging engine. But we’re nitpicking, because when you stand back and look at Modern Warfare 3 it truly does what it knows how to do best - intensity."

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ssb31732341d ago

A good score for a good game, not the best of games but still a great one that kills off the hours