Game industry opens arms to striking hollywood writers

Apparently the WGA (Writers Guild of America) is allowing its members to write for games developers during the strike. This means that while our movies may suck, our games will become more story-driven, allowing players to become more involved in the characters and plot.

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NanoGeekTech3828d ago

Hopefully we can see more story driven games...finally...With the power of next gen console...PS3 and 360..the possibilities are endless....

ShadoWulf3827d ago

Heck, even the Gamecube can draw out great story and characters. Just look at Tales of Symphonia. The story and characters of that game blow everything I've played this generation away. They also blow away your carefully hidden Wii stab, because the Wii is also getting the sequel to this game...

Note, ToS was also on PS2, but Kratos' voice actor sucked in that version.

The_Engineer3828d ago

the comic book type stories most of these games suffer from. I want interesting facts, world history, mystery, intrigue on a world class level. Not some LAME CRAP about finishing the power ranger fight.

actas1233828d ago

I don't think that will make a difference at all and that is something that no one should be excited about.Also, The strike is gonna end very soon. I believe they will reach an agreement within 5-7 days.

Jinxstar3827d ago

I rhink this will drive many TV show fans to possibly play some games. I however will be pissed if they don't finish LOST.... Thats about it though. Family Guy but I think thats written all in house anyway... Imagine the LOST game with actual Hollywood writers. Ownsauce FTW

ShadoWulf3827d ago

Lost rocks. They NEED to bring it back NOW though. It's been so long...

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