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Ali Behjou of Brash Games writes "Do you wish for more Tekken fighting in your life? Well, Namco and Sony have obliged with Tekken Hybrid. The Blu-Ray disc contains a fully HD version of Tekken Tag Tournament as well as an exclusive 3D Tekken movie titled Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Also included is a teaser game where you can play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue".

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Rynx2351d ago

I'm getting this game for sure. But what I need to decide on is whether to get the collector's edition retailing at $60? or the regular $40 version?

killerhog2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

lol, gboy. i just sent you an e-mail about, 'tekken hybrid getting shitted on', lol. get nothing, save your money for when we go to the hobby store lol. besides, i can let you borrow my tekken tag tournament, and you can just click to enhance the graphics on your ps3 BC version. also we can find other ways of getting that movie.

oh by the way. Trollollol site. you cant compare tekken hybrid to modern fighting games!! it came out 10 years ago!!!

oh, wait... i forgot thats only for Halo and anything xbox.

killcycle2351d ago

I got a feeling this will be worth something in the future, probably best to get the Collector's on this one.

Drekken2351d ago

Nice try Namco sales rep.

Rynx2351d ago

Yeah worth something if I don't open it. Of which I will, because I intend to use it.