Top 10: Sports Games

Videogamer writes: "Welcome to a special series of Videogamer's Top 10, where we bring you the essential genre by genre video game buyer's guide for Christmas and New Year. It'll run every Thursday from now until the end of the 2008 holiday break, so, whether you're looking for some family video game ideas to get you through those boring Christmas get-togethers or some top sports games to spend that holiday cash on, look no further than here.

In the first of the series, we look at the Top 10 Sports Games. And don't forget, if you need more info on any of these titles, just click on it for a full review."

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HBK6193949d ago

NBA 2K8 needs to be in there, I got this game today and it is awesome, so lifelike it's not even funny!!!

Virtua Tennis 3 should not be in this list because unless you play it with someone else it is boring, with no online mode it makes it even worse too.

alfredoggy3949d ago

I don't know about PES being first. FIFA and PES should switch spots.

PS360WII3949d ago

Hmm NBA 2k would of been nice but as far as Tiger Woods go I'd go with 2004. This new one is to touchy and doesn't have that certain quality as the earlier ones, but this list is for new ones... I guess put in NBA and leave TW out basically

sa_nick3949d ago

Umm, where Calafornia Games 2?

and tony hawks 2 kicks ass over Skate.