PETA issues statement regarding their Mario Tanooki suit game

8bitfix writes: I recently reported Nintendo's response to the Super Tanooki Skin 2D game, and PETA contacted me today with a statement regarding the response that it is getting from Mario fans.

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sarshelyam2285d ago

If this organization spent as much time addressing real-world concerns as they do digital "atrocities", they may actually be worth something. As it stands, they're just a group of morons looking for some press.

Halochampian2285d ago

Oh goodness..

The video is disturbing. But bringing up mario in the matter is just dumb. Just focus on the problem and not what a innocent game "depicts"

wenaldy2285d ago

People Eating Tasty Animals.. yumm.. :p~~~~

dennett3162285d ago

Ahh PETA, kill more animals than they save every year and yet still preach morality from their soap box while one of their high ranking members continues to use insulin derived from animal research.

Hypocritical, violence advocating, borderline terrorists and thieves. Stealing gullible, self-rightous people's money for years.

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