How to Tweak Skyrim's Ultra PC graphics and install mods

Techdigest: For those of you out there with some top-end hardware sitting on your desk, you may want to make it look even more glorious as you watch the sun set over a high off mountain range, watch the shiny blood gush from the open wounds of your enemies, or just have a bit of fun with some mods. Whatever the motivation, the following guide will help you tweak your PC settings to get the very best ultra graphics package.

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bozebo2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

That mod is EXCELLENT. No more washed out colours! (don't go over the top or itl be oversaturated) Vignette is also an important PP that should be in every modern game.

That mod also helps a lot. Not sure why the faces looked so blocky in the first place. Probably not a "console port" issue because it doesn't hurt my frame rate in the slightest yet looks nicer.

Heres another one that is good. I recommend only getting the bark texture because it makes a much more significant difference than the full retexture.

Now we only need mods for... every single other texture in the game. Especially anything that can be held + the player's hands (so much screen real estate taken yet laughable textures).

"For those of you out there with some top-end hardware"

Err... my hardware is mediocre at best and I have no issues making the game look considerably better than it does at Ultra by default (low res textures in the game barely stress any GPU).

"Turn off Vsync for better frame rates"

That isn't why people turn off vsync. Unless it's in a competitive FPS (counter strike & cod4 mainly) or they want to see how well their machine runs. Also there can sometimes be input lag even with triple buffering on, which would be a valid reason to turn it off.

"Vysnc is a tool to limit your fps to match the refresh rate of your monitor, making sure that your monitor can handle the amount of frames it is being given by the graphics card. If you have a high-end card you may want to turn off Vsync in order to get a better frame rate from your game."

It's not a tool... but whatever I'm just nitpicking.
You want to keep it on with high-end cards otherwise you are rendering frames that you will never see - wasting power, lifecycle of your card, the fan will be louder because it will get hotter. And also the physics in Skyrim is not stable at high frame rates (though sometimes its funny to watch it bug the hell out at 250fps lol - the dragon skeletons fly all over the place and every time you enter a room bowls and plates explode), there are also constant clattering noises caused by the physics going crazy in some places.

The main reason to turn vSync off is if you have a LOW end card, otherwise you will be stuck at 15fps or 30fps if you can't achieve 60fps. (presuming 60Hz monitor)

Kahvipannu2438d ago

It's great to see what modding-community can do with Skyrim. I still wait few months until I play the game to get more "complete" package later^^

pucpop2438d ago

I refuse to accept screen tear. It's disgusting.