PC Skyrim is a frustrating mess — but will soon be the best version

This might be a contender for game of the year, but it's also a clunky mess once you begin to level up your character, manage your inventory, or use your map. The good news for PC players is that a full suite of modding tools is on the way, and the community will take care of all the balls that were dropped by the original development teams. And boy oh boy, so many balls were dropped.

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Kalowest2439d ago

Whats wrong with the UI; I like it alot.

JsonHenry2438d ago

I have not had any issues with it either.

Sarcasmology2438d ago

*Choo Choo*

Can I come aboard the agreement train?

Could it be better? Sure, just like anything, yet it's by no means broken nor a hindrance to the experience.

bozebo2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

"nor a hindrance to the experience"

No. That's what it is. And all it is. It is the DEFINITION of a hindrance.

tehnoob32438d ago

ui is terrible console port
why do i need to use my keyboard to use part of the menus and use my mouse for part of them??

gamesmaster2438d ago

agreed, if i open my inventory i shouldnt have to scroll though a list of things. i want a grid style bag where everything is viewable at once and i can arrange things myself (bag style, not by alphabeticle order)

the ui isnt broken as such, its just too console orientated its frustrating.

Perjoss2437d ago

"PC Skyrim is Game of the Year"

I fixed the headline for them.

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mistajeff2438d ago

i could see how it would suck with mouse and keyboard. i have it on PC, but i've been playing with a controller the whole time because it's clearly tailored for controller play.

Canary2438d ago

Almost every PC game these days is. But there's a significant number of so-called "PC gamers" who refuse to accept that PCs are no longer the dominant gaming platform, haven't been for the better part of the decade, and refuse to use anything else but a keyboard and mouse.

As for Skyrim's technical issues... there are a few bugged quests (Thorald Grey-Mane rescue is particularly annoying) and a LOT of missing textures in Markarth. Seriously, almost 30% of the textures simply aren't there.

Pandamobile2438d ago

Bad mouse controls still beat perfect controller gameplay any day of the week

bozebo2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Anything first person is better with a mouse.

The only way in which skyrim is "tailored" for controllers is the menu system, and that is because Bethesda couldn't be bothered programming one suitable for a mouse (more sales on console, even though they probably get more profit off the PC version). Even though I guarantee that most of the time people spend playing the game are going to take place on PC (mods keep the game alive for many years).

I tried playing with a controller but the aiming was considerably too slow even with the sensitivity maxed out. (I play Halo with maxed sensitivity, so that's what I am used to with controllers). I aim with muscle memory, so even though a target would be easy to hit I have to consciously "intercept" my aim.

Also the vertical sensitivity likes to change depending on frame rate (wtf!?) which is a much bigger problem with a controller than it is with a mouse and particularly with high sensitivities. On a mouse, I have a low sensitivity (can still turn 180 degrees in 1 frame by moving the mouse faster)

TBH, a Morrowind style UI would be better on PC and Consoles. I played it on xbox before I played it on PC and I loved the UI both times.

Raf1k12438d ago

Kinda depends on the character you make TBH. Controller is probably better for melee but if you play mainly with a bow like me then you can't really beat the mouse.

mistajeff2438d ago

i agree, the archery has been pretty annoying with a controller. i mostly use melee, which i prefer the controller for, and the menus only make sense with a controller.

i'm definitely in the same camp as you though, i think anything first-person is better with mouse and keyboard. this is a rare exception for me, mainly because i'm playing a warrior focused on melee combat. i play most modern third person games with a controller, like assassin's creed-- the mouse and keyboard controls are a COMPLETE clusterf*ck in those games.

lMHl2438d ago


Omg ur so full of your self bro who cares about what you did in halo

mynameisEvil2438d ago

What the hell, man? All he said was that maxed-out sensitivity in Halo is what he's used to. Meaning: He plays Halo a lot and he likes how the sensitivity feels at max. What about that seems boastful?

I'd bubble you down, but you're already at one bubble, so it's a waste of energy and time...

Hmm... kind of like you.

HenryFord2437d ago

Now, that totally depends on the game you are playing, doesn't it?
If I play racing games, I won't ever touch a mouse/keyboard - riddicoulus. I play with my controller. First Person stuff on the other hand... that is another story.

waltercross2437d ago

I use Keyboard and Mouse, These kind of games I prefer Keyboard and Mouse.

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SignifiedSix2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Using the mouse for the UI was bad until they released the patch. now the game is perfect on the PC. I have no other problems at all!
Cant wait for the texture mods! :D

Bobby Kotex2438d ago

The problem is that some PC gamers treat game controllers like kryptonite. I'm playing with a 360 controller on the PC at 1080p, and it's one of the best gaming experiences I"ve ever had.

bozebo2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

"it's one of the best gaming experiences I"ve ever had."
That's the game doing that not your controller.

I wanted to play with the controller too so I could sit back and relax, but the vertical sensitivity bug made it impossible with a high sensitivity (I don't have vsync on because I don't want input lag, so the fps bounces everywhere causing the vertical sensitivity to massively adjust iself by about +/- 500% for some reason, should get patched eventually)

I play console games with maxed sensitivity so that is what I am used to, it was extremely frustrating to try to play with a lower sensitivity.

Still, using a mouse on the crappy UI doesn't stop Skyrim from being amazing. It's just a hindrance (see above).

@meetajhu, below:
I have 3 flatmates playing it with ATI GPUs without any issues (that aren't also on my nVidia GPU). Also, this article is only about the UI. For being a 'mess' I would say that falls on PS3 users who experience the most crashes I hear :(

The title of the article is obviously intended to cause flame wars but the author does have a point.

meetajhu2438d ago

It's a mess only in Amd/ATi gpu Pc

kevnb2437d ago

it actually works fine on amd this time.

HardCover2438d ago

"Whats wrong with the UI"

Read the damn article -_-

llMurcielagoll2438d ago

same, even when i played it on a super crappy laptop and loads of delay on mouse movement, the UI is still good enough for me

kevnb2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

ya its good, people wanted to hate it before trying. Then when it wasn't exactly like every other ui it was terrible and made for console lol. I hate the ui with a gamepad, no quick keys... And you silly noobs, use the mouse scroll wheel to go through menus.

kevnb2437d ago

yes it is, it seems some people cant figure out the simple ui though. Scrolling with mouse wheel and setting hotkeys from the favorites menu is way too hard. Even pressing m to get the map is way to friggin much work I guess.

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ATi_Elite2438d ago

I decided to hold off on Skyrim until summer 2012 when Publishers just DO NOT RELEASE games.

anyway by then Skyrim PC will be patched to perfection, priced cheaper, and get free DLC with a GOTY edition.

Sarcasmology2438d ago

Unlikely to see a GotY edition by next summer. Took them 16+ months before Oblivion saw a GotY edition.

JsonHenry2438d ago

Good idea. Wish I had thought to hold off on it since it is such a long game. Maybe I will be ready for a 2nd play through by then?

AND, nice avatar! The STALKER games are my favorite FPS series ever.

TheGameFoxJTV2438d ago

Honestly! People will complain about anything! This game is fucking amazing, and the only thing they can really complain about is the UI. Anything else, and they are just being stupid hipsters who nit-pick on anything that's successful. lmao

superrey192438d ago

If you read the article you would see that the author clearly stated that the game was great and didn't nit-pick at all. Also, when the UI is such a big part of a long game like this one, it is valid to criticize it (the UI) for being frustrating to use on PC.

TheGameFoxJTV2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Wasn't talking about the article, just people in general. Also, I said the UI was a problem in my post. Though, it's the only major flaw that I've seen.

waltercross2437d ago

The UI has a slight learning curve, but once you figure it out It's a breeze.

superrey192437d ago


Ah I see what u mean, your wording made it seem like the author shouldn't be complaining at all.

caboose322438d ago

Yea the game plays perfectly fine on PC. The only thing people are complaining about is the UI, and there will no doubt be mods to fix the UI on PC in no time.

Mr Tretton2438d ago

People are also complaining about ugly shadows

TheGameFoxJTV2438d ago

Which can be fixed EASILY by changing a couple values in the skyrimpref.ini

mistajeff2438d ago

yeah, the shadows definitely suck. they're blocky and super aliased. the only way to improve the quality of the up-close shadows is to decrease the distance to which shadows are drawn, so it's a trade-off until the mods come.

caboose322438d ago

Yea, the game is not the best looking game ever. But even the most fantastic looking games out there can't hook me like Skyrim has been able to.

Passion4Games2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

LOL this is just pathetic. The guy is complaining because there's no pictures on the item screen, do you really need a picture of a carrot to help you find it? Items are in alphabetical order, how hard can it be to find the item you want? It's alot easier to remember a name of a item than 100's of pictures.

solar2438d ago

You just dont get it do you?

superrey192438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Scrolling through hundreds of items in alphabetical order takes forever and makes no use of the mouse. It's fine for consoles but not for PC. Categorical sub-menus and a grid system is simply more efficient because everything you need is there on one window.

waltercross2437d ago

What are you talking about? I have had no prob finding any Item in game, also in your Inventory it does have pictures, and in store it is in Alphabetical order.

and no store that I came across in game has Hundreds of Items, Carrots by the way are found under the Food tab.

superrey192437d ago

I'm not saying it's difficult to find anything, I'm just saying it takes longer than it should, especially, in my case, when it comes to poisons and potions... my list is just huge and scrolling through everything every time I want to use one potion is just a drag.

hadriker2437d ago

Let me guess, you play games on a console right? The fact that they do not take advantage of the mouse/keyboard combo on PC makes it a sin against the PC master race. its pretty inexcusable.

waltercross2437d ago

I Play it on the PC and use Mouse/Keyboard, I've had no Issues finding what I need.