PSU talks with Free Radical - Haze and Timesplitters 4

PSU talks with Free Radical's Rob Yescombe and Derek Littlewood.

PSU: What was the reason behind dropping development on the Xbox 360 and PC?

Derek Littlewood: From a development point of view, exclusive development is attractive because you can really focus on getting the best out of just one platform, rather than always needing to split your efforts across multiple versions of the game. And this is why exclusive PS3 development has been so useful to us, as the entire team has been able to work very closely with the PS3 hardware.

As for why the PS3 was our platform of choice, the company has a history of getting good results out of PlayStation hardware from our days working on the PS2, but also, out of the three platforms, the PS3 is still the youngest and so represented the best opportunity for us to get a game out into an uncrowded market where it was likely to get the best recognition.

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Odion3950d ago

PSU: How do you guys feel about Bungie copying the Mantel Helmet designs in Halo 3's multiplayer?

Derek: That depends on whether it entitles us to a share of the Halo 3 profits or not. ;)

PSU should do their homework and learn that, that helmet is from a halo book cover thats over 2 years old

NoUseMerc3950d ago

Then why all of a sudden to they include it in Halo 3? It's just a funny question cause it seemed as though Haze was announced and shown, Halo 3 was shown....but until the Halo 3 beta, we didn't see those helmets.

NoUseMerc3950d ago

The only book cover that even has something closely resembling what you are talking about is Ghosts of Onyx which was first revealed in September of 2006.

Haze was first revealed at E3 2006, several months before this books release. I think the question, if you want to get technical is a fair one.

Odion3950d ago

except that, the model is from the Halo bible, why would Bungie need to copy anything from free radical

NoUseMerc3950d ago's really not that big of a deal. We all know Bungie didn't copy them. The question was asked because PSU was looking for a funny answer. Nothing in a serious sense.

Kleptic3950d ago

yeah I think it was more of an attempt to be funny over anything else...the devs clearly state that a lot of the PS3 exclusitivity of Haze has to do with the market saturation of Halo on the Xbox brand...and them not wanting to go up against that...

but on the other side Haze has gotten a lot of negative press as to "copying" which case it doesn't copy Halo anymore than any other two analog stick console shooter does...even the name HAZE has been regarded as a blatant rip-off of HALO...despite having a radically different meaning...fanboys seem to think Haze refers to a planet with extreme humidity issues, as apposed to the Halo shaped world of the game its in...where as the game's title has more to do with warfare and its effect on people...

Free Radical has been just as innovative in the past with console shooters as Bungie...Haze illustrates this...the playing dead, nectar, gun stealing...4 player co-op (announced before Halo 3's...and Halo 3, or any other XBL game, does not have hot-swappable abilities like Warhawk...Haze however does)...

whether one game is copying the other is totally irrelevent...all console shooters will have something in common with long as we control them the way that we do really doesn't matter...

ELite_Ghost3950d ago

is time splitters 4 only on ps3? if it is, 360 is screwed

Polluted3950d ago

@Elite_Ghost: I'm pretty sure TS: 4 is multi-plat. All the previous TS games were...except for 1 maybe. Anyway, TS: 2 is my favorite console shooter of all time, but I doubt MS would be "screwed" if the didn't get TS: 4. I just hope it's better than TS: 3. That game ramped the difficulty waaaay down. My friend and I beat it on hard in like a day. TS:2 on hard mode was insane.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3950d ago

Opps it was delayed again.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

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Nicosia3950d ago

I never realy trusted psu, they always seems to be recycling old stuff. But intervieuw seems solid, but something is off.

americanGTA3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

who wants to make a bet that xbots will still say "timed exclusive."?

come on xbots, this should shut you up.

RadientFlux3950d ago

Wow that interview was awful I didn't learn anything new about Haze at all. During the whole interview PSU was trying to get Derek to say something negative about xbox360, and congrats to Derek for not taking the bait.

Kleptic3950d ago

I didn't notice that as much as them clearly trying to get him to drone on about the power of the PS3...which he also didn't...I liked how he didn't say "we absolutely had to have Blu Ray blah blah blah"...although he did mention the SPE's being critical for any PS3 game (clearly an issue with a number of multiplatform games)...

its nice to see devs working exclusively on the PS3 not go into a BS PR spin about how nothing can touch the PS3...Naughty Dog kind of fell into that with the "we only used 30% of the Cell's power...and look how awesome Uncharted is"...clearly a comment aimed at the less informed...

either way I am excited about haze...mostly because the weapon stealing looks to be awesome in online play...hopefully all the problems with some of the hands on previews are ironed out before release...

Polluted3950d ago

It's so true. I'm a PS3 owner and I love my system, but some of Sony's internal devs go a little overboard when they're gushing about the power if the system. It's more or less the same as the 360...we all know it is...get over it guys. I almost wish one system was clearly more powerful than the other like back in the xbox/ps2 days. Fanboys seemed to be a lot less rabid back then.

NoUseMerc3950d ago

I don't think PSU was trying to bait him into saying something negative about the Xbox 360. It was more geared toward learning about the development behind the PS3 and what they are doing to make full use of the PlayStation 3's power.

Also, there is some tad bits on Timesplitters 4....nothing about the story or anything....but just talk about how their experience with Haze has taught them alot and will help in deciding what to do in TS4.

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