Gears of War 3 will be Worth 2000 Gamerpoints

Gears of War 3 is setting off a new record of being worth 2000 achievement points after all 4 DLC packs are release. Gears of War will be the first game in Xbox 360 history to reach 2000 points and with the cost of all DLC...

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TheSuperior 2348d ago

Wow great news! I love Gears of War. I'll get all the points well except seriously 3.0... I mean seriously that’s hard. Looks like a great site with lots of great info.

HeatherbSpears2348d ago

I love GoW3 too! the more points the better i always say :)

PhantomTommy2348d ago

I also like games and points.

TheGrimBunny2348d ago

Wow this means any game from now on can be 2000 Gamerscore.... sweeet!

Silber2348d ago

Warhammer: Dawn of War II had 2000 Gamerscore too. So its not the first one;) Warhammer is PC only, but after all it adds Gamerscore for us junkies:)

negroguy2348d ago

Nice to see most of them show Heavy Rain some love. I thought Infamous 2 would be mentioned as it's a great game as well.

negroguy2348d ago

Ya.. im so in the wrong article. This was supposed to be the responce to cliffy B and other developers top PS3 choices.

MasterD9192348d ago

I'm glad to see multiplayer achievements.

They are out there but I really don't see too many of them.

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