Battlefield 3: Are IRNV scope users cheap or not?

Product-Reviews writes: For those of you that haven’t unlocked it yet, the IRNV basically gives the player a ‘Predator’ view of everything around him or her, allowing them to see the enemy at long distance for an easy kill depending on which weapon you have unlocked the scope for.

Obviously, many players feel that this is overpowered in the game, and takes away a huge skill element in actually finding the enemy for yourself. A player with a IRNV scope obviously can get the first hit in, and by the time the enemy realizes he has been spotted, he’s usually already dead.

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tr00p3r2411d ago

They seem to be nerfing a lot of things in game. Tactical light, the MAV, and now the IRNV? Next thing they will take thermal optics away from tanks..

Trunkz Jr2410d ago

IRNV scope is nothing compared to the cheapness of the Shotgun + 12 explosive rounds, everyone is not padding to unlock it and thats all they use......

fooxy2411d ago

The only issues in this game @ this point for me is flashlight powered by nuclear reaction and unlimited mortar dudes spending whole rounds on rush spamming choke points on tight maps IRNV does not bother me at all since I wear my Black Ops cammo :D

BX812411d ago

What I can't stand is my own team being unaware that they can turn off the flashlight. When you run by your team mates it blinds them as well, same with the laser. Not to mention you give away your teams position. Only use it when you need too!

Somebody2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I smiled a lot in the Tehran Highway maps. Especially when playing against the US. There will always be some guys with their flashlights on all around the US's uncap hill.

When I press "Q"..they are always snipers. Snipers on a surrounded hill at night with their nuclear powered flashlights telling us where they are. No need IRNV for that. Unless they can take off their flashlight and leave it on the ground to deceive us...

BeaArthur2411d ago

The mortars are kind of annoying. I hope they increase the fire rate or require the support player to exit out of the mortar and refill the grenades.

Shackdaddy8362411d ago

I really don't have a problem with motors. I haven't been killed by one yet because most people don't know how to use them. Plus it's really easy to find where they are.

hesido2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I lolled @ "nuclear reaction".

Apparently, the flashlight overpowers the sun. To give an example, stand in front of a car's headlight in broad day light. The same headlight that would blind you during the night, doesn't even make you squint.

That said, how about a squint button for countering the flashlight? :D You'd see blurred eyelashes on top and bottom.

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CrimsonEngage2411d ago

IRNV cheap? Not at all. You have limited field of view and if someone is hiding behind fire etc, good look tracking them with that thing. Also, Spec Ops camo can counter the IRNV if you have it unlocked.

xYLeinen2411d ago

Spec Ops camo can counter the IRNV? Have you tried this yourself, or found this from another source?

St02411d ago

Here's a comparison about Spec ops camo

squallheart2411d ago

I agree itss not overpowered. You have a li mited range and zoom in compared to the other scopes. You actually have to figure the distance for yourself if shooting over 200m

SignifiedSix2411d ago

Wow, i never knew that. Thank god i have spec ops camo on all my loadouts! :D

cyborg69712411d ago

Never thought it was. I'll use it to find out. I prefer the 12x ballistic myself.

Saryk2411d ago

In my opinion is that if the tech is real then use it.

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