Witcher Patch on December 7?

ActionTrip reports:

"I'm sure you've already heard numerous complaints about the game's extensive load times. CD Projekt, the guys behind the game, are supposedly working to fix this, along with other issues. Polish fan site, insipidly named The Witcher's Biggest Unofficial Site, claims that the developers are going to release a demo for the game, in addition to the game's 1.2 patch. The info was gathered during an interview with CD Projekt held at Poznan' Game Arena. Here's the word:"

The 1.2 patch should be released somewhere around December the 7th
The demo should appear somewhere around December the 13th
The editor (called "Djinni") should be relased "somewhere around those dates"
The series will be continued, but it's not decided whether what comes next will be an expansion or a sequel.

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