Why The Wii Is My Favourite Console This Generation writes: I want to make this clear - I'm not a casual gamer. While I may not have the ambition to replay a title 30 times to gain an achievement, when it comes to hardcore games I can hold my own. I've spent many a year this generation tackling some big titles such as Bioshock, Condemned: Criminal Origins and even recently Dark Souls. Why am I telling you this? Because my next statement is likely to shock you.

The Nintendo Wii is my favourite console this generation.

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gypsygib2350d ago

Wii looked like such a jaggy mess on my HDTV that I decided not to buy it this gen. For some reason SD game look so bad on my Samsung (much much worse than if I had a tube TV).

Which is also why I like PS2 HD remakes.

christheredhead2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Yah, i think it somewhat depends on the tv. My bravia outputs the wii picture extremely clear. Same can be said for the older consoles. I play dreamcast quite a bit on the same bravia tv and it looks perfectly fine. Switch over to my lg and its super blurry and hard to see. Not sure why really.

Truthfully though, the wii does have some of the best games i have played since this gen has started. If you can get past the whole sd thing the library is pretty well versed and fun to play.

gypsygib2350d ago

Hoping for HD remakes on Wii U.

christheredhead2350d ago

To be honest, I wouldn't mind that one bit. Maybe they can put together some hd collections or something. That would be freakin sweet.

Venox20082350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

My favourite console this gen is Wii too.. it had last gens quality feel in many games.. this gen most are brown/grey shooters, with some exceptions.. :/ too bad.. I hope that Wii U will continue to impress me in games quality (I'm not counting showelware, which is 75% of Wii games).. If not Wii, I was a sad gamer this gen and still was playing PS2 :) :) :) sure there is Bioshock, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Gears, God of war, MGS4, Batman, Shadows of the damned, Child of eden and some others..but that's not enough.. PS2 was the king baby.. :)

ps. and I just loooove platformers and quirky/twisted/unusual games that HD consoles are lacking..