Replace your PS3 hard drive in mins: Watch Video

Check out this video where it shows you just how quick and easy it is to change a PS3 hard drive for one with more storage. Once you install a much faster hard drive you will notice the speed boost and the fact that DivX support will be coming soon, the bigger hard drive is needed.

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SL1M DADDY3883d ago

For any console is the option to trade up HDD's to whatever the consumer wants. Can you imagine that when 120gb isn't enough, the PS3 will have the ability to expand to whatever the market offers? Can't wait for that 500gb 2.5 SATA drive to come out. If or should I say when it does, I will have one... Oh yes, I will have one. lol

ravinash3883d ago

and the best thing is they don't force you to buy their hard drive.

Kaneda3883d ago

M$ forces you to buy DVD drive for Xbox 360..:) Which you already got ton of DVD players at home...WHY buy more DVD drive?

carl ps33883d ago

any date on that 500GB hard drive??? i put in a 160GB drive in my ps3 a few weeks back;)

skinzfan3883d ago

what the hell. I put an 80 gig in there. What the hell do you need 160 for? lol let alone 500

Blink3883d ago

i have added the 160gb also...easy and in my opinion, the perfect size for all my PS crap

Skerj3883d ago

If you use the PS3 as a media center, you'll find yourself using a lot more space than you initially thought. Especially since I don't always feel like streaming over TVersity, Sony should work on an official PS3 app for that.

snittolo3883d ago

I can't remember it and it will bug me until I find out!

spandle3883d ago

mr oizo flat beat i think.

snittolo3883d ago

Remembered the music video to the T pretty much but just couldn't put a name on it, thanks!

BloodySinner3883d ago

If you're upgrading the internal HDD, is there a way to transfer all the data from the old one to the new hard drive?

Salvadore3883d ago

Yes, by an external harddrive.

Kyur4ThePain3883d ago

See my post below for the backup/restore process.

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The story is too old to be commented.