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From Article: "I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since I was nine years old. When I talked my mother into buying me an NES, the first game I wanted was not Super Mario Brothers; it was Final Fantasy. Role-Playing Games have always been a weakness of mine, especially the great ones that include the likes of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and so on. Final Fantasy, as a series, has become one of the greatest running series in gaming history. There have been many bold moves by Square Enix throughout the lifespan of the series, such as making the jump to the Playstation in the mid-1990s with Final Fantasy VII, which ended up being hailed as possibly the greatest game ever created at the time. It is impossible not to acknowledge that the series is incredibly influential with each passing title."

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kreate2438d ago

pointless question when its already doomed.

Derpy2438d ago

I just wish Square-Enix would get back into creating good single player RPG experiences. The market is just so over saturated with MMOs that I can't see how anything but the very best of the genre can survive for long.

Square_Enix needs to stop depending on the Final Fantasy name to sell games and start actually making good games again.

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