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From review: "Oh Zeke, what are we going to do with you?

True fans of the inFAMOUS series will tell you that Zeke Dunbar is as important to the games’ formula(s) as Cole McGrath himself. Cole’s best friend and sidekick is an integral part of both the inFAMOUS lore and Cole’s life. The thing about Zeke is that although he means well, he ultimately creates as many problems as he helps resolve. Sometimes you / Cole, just wish he would keep his mouth shut but then again, you aren’t sure what you would do without him by your side every step of the way."

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sorceror1712462d ago

Yeah, that "gotta do two UGC missions but they don't make it clear" thing was the only real design flaw in that game.

Redempteur2462d ago

i dunno check your map , and the only thing available is a UGC mission is it so hard to try it ?

There was a similar thing ( required UGC mission in I2 ) in infamous 2 ..