Gamasutra Interviews Mark Rein - The Unreal Man

Epic's Mark Rein is a famously effusive, opinionated, but smart exec, one that leads the public face of the key Unreal Engine 3 creator and Gears Of War developer. Recently, Gamasutra had a chance to speak with Epic Games VP as Unreal Tournament 3 prepared to launch on PC.

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vaan3828d ago

That was a good read. Good interview. The stuff about Home was an eye opener for me.
Being able to get a group of friends in your Home apartment and then jump into a game sounds really cool.

Chibs3828d ago

This is effectively a dupe of an earlier "news" item which linked to Gamasutra via Kotaku ¬_¬

On the actual matter at hand, the interview, well that was quite a good read. None of that "OMG we have uber exclusive interview with XYZ" which barely spreads 2 small web pages.
The Gamasutra interview is well worth a read.