Redeem PS3 Saints Row 3 online pass, get free Saints Row 2

"Two days ago, we observed that the PS3-exclusive Saints Row: The Third content never happened. THQ didn't comment on the lack of exclusive materials when we asked, and now we can assume it didn't want to spoil the surprise."

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LOGICWINS2347d ago

Thats cool and all...but I would have preferred free DLC.

badz1492346d ago

especially for those who haven't played SR2. free FTW!

ReservoirDog3162346d ago

Haha, I think you're honestly alone in wanting an extra gun or two over a full game.

This kinda game isn't really my thing but that is a pretty good value.

ksense2347d ago

ps3 was supposed to get a free multiplayer mode but I think they axed the entire multiplayer component in the game so I guess this is compensation for that.

DonaldBeck2347d ago

hell yea, the ps3 version looks like the one to get :)

ironfist922346d ago

Too bad this isnt available in EU.