Lens of Truth Head2Head: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Analysis

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take on the biggest, and we mean biggest, game of the year — Betheada’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PS3 and Xbox 360. With a few insane TES fans on our staff, this is one H2H we personally couldn’t wait to complete. Our screenshot comparison told one side of the story, and now this legendary tale can come to an end. FUS RO DAH!"

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fluffydelusions2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

No surprise. Sad state of affairs when the difference between the two is like this at this point in the generation.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

360 version has better blacks..I prefer that look. I'm still gettin the PS3 version though, cause I don't have a choice lol.

Lovable2436d ago

Lol. I'll be getting it on PS3 as well.

Khronikos2436d ago

If you want those blacks then crush your brightness levels or change your gamma if your TV supports that or just go to RGB Full and put it on when your TV does not support those levels and you will have all your crushed blacks in full glory.

Black levels are your display's fault not the fact that the PS3 version has perfectly calibrated blacks. Get a better display. Both of these versions look like utter shit.

RedDead2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I thought it would be pretty obvious with 360 being the lead platform. It's like the difference between medium and low on Pc. Don't fret though, it still looks like Shi* even maxed out on Pc. The art is the only good thing about it. Things at a medium distance look good. Far away isn't loaded and looks shI*, close up is loaded and you realize how bad the textures are. With Medium distance you can see a loaded texture but not in detail. Seriously, go into whiterun and look over a wall.

MasterCornholio2435d ago

I have for the PS3 and it looks much better than the screens on LOT. They never adjust TV settings to improve image quality.


Denethor_II2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"360 version has better blacks.."

Enable full HDMI and RGB on your PS3 and you'll find that the blacks are identical.

The 360 looks a lot sharper outside, but in the cave they look the same. If I didn't get the PC version my next choice, sadly, would have to be the 360. 27 fps average compared to 29 may not seem like a lot, but when frames are that low you can really tell.

Iroquois_Pliskin2435d ago

What a joke, ps3 version dips to 22 fps... Glad i got it for PC

SilentNegotiator2435d ago

Come on, Bioware. It's time to catch up to the year 2011. Lead on the ps3 for consoles.

thereapersson2435d ago


Don't you mean Bethesda?

snipes1012435d ago

These types of things are totally pointless.

ChrisW2435d ago


I have a strong feeling you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to PCs.

SilentNegotiator2434d ago


oops. Tomato, toe-ma-toe, right? lol
Honest mistake. Of course I meant Bethesda.

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dark-hollow2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Maybe because of the install issue that cause blurry, washed out textures???

Because in the ps3 version you have to install the game.

Blacktric2435d ago

It's the anti-aliasing solution used for the game that causes that. Digital Foundry also revealed this a couple of days ago and same thing was happening with both GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption although Red Dead Redemption one wasn't as severe as Skyrim.

meetajhu2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Xbox360 wins! Ps3 no SSAO and RGB = 16-235.

HeavenlySnipes2436d ago

Do you want a cookie or something?

zeddy2436d ago

i already have it for the ps3, on its own it doesnt look bad but compared to the 360 it looks poor. i wonder what it would look like if the the lead platform was the ps3 instead of a 360 port every time?

B1663r2436d ago

Over the last year there has been a shift from developing with textures, to developing with a technology called substances. Substances require the more capable GPU on the xbox to work. This game is just the beginning.

Unreal engine just recently got support for substances in the last few months, so it won't be until next year that we really see the xbox multi-plats curb stomping the ps3 versions all over the place.

Now the key thing to remember here is that Microsoft went with software solutions to problems, while Sony tried to brute force these issues with the blu-ray. Substances which are much higher resolution than textures, also embed all the various maps in one tiny little file.

Basically, the xbox 360 is just about ready to get its second wind, while the ps3 has been maxed out as of about a year ago with Kill Zone 3.

Kur02436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

B1663r and his lunacy. Would you care to cite this "Substance" you speak of? And as for PS3 being maxed with KZ3 you obviously have not played Uncharted 3. This year the PS3 has actually had the upper-hand with quite a few multi-plats like Portal 2, LA Noire, Dead Island, and Mass Effect 2. A lot of multi-plats have also been completely equal like Deus Ex, Battlefield 3, AC:R, and Batman AC.

DonaldBeck2436d ago

i think people are blowing this out of perportion, its not like ps2 vs ps3, they look virtually the same. and besides its not like the game is a graphical beast or anything. but that being said, this is one of the best games this gen. i love it.

MoveTheGlow2436d ago

Dudes, if you want to play an awesome game, buy TES V on whatever console you have. If you have both, it's a toss-up between better visuals on the 360 and better loading times on the PS3.

If you want the best-looking version, and you have a souped-up PC, get the PC version. If you have way too much time on your hands and want to rant and rave about SSAO and RGB, go upgrade your PC and get something better out of this. Plus, you'll have tons of mods at your fingertips. There'll be some mods on the console versions, maybe, but the PC's going to be the go-to mod place.

Solidus187-SCMilk2436d ago

I think Ill get this on 360 sometime after they release the patch. I dont want to have to wait for such long loads without the instal so Ill wait till they fix the streaming off the HD problem.

Both versions have advantages and its a great game either way.

I hope they get that patch out soon because I really am startgin to want to run out and buy this.

FanboyPunisher2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

360 took the approach to make it similar to PC design
PS3 is the outcast and gets the back seat because of it on most mplat game design.

So you can develop on PC/360 port it across easily, where the PS3 gets the frankistien port because it doesnt pay off to invest more money into redesigning engine to play off the PS3 strengths, its not a smart business.

End of the day, blame Sony for going against the status quo.

But after looking at those console load times, i feel bad. here i am waiting 2-3 seconds to load into the game or zone on a i7, they gotta wait 30-50 seconds.

ChrisW2435d ago

I know... such load times makes it darn near impossible to enjoy some of the items on the load screens.

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aviator1892436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Such a fantastic game and everyone should enjoy it, no matter the platform.
Though, it does seem to look a tad sharper on the 360 version, judging from the comparison.

NYC_Gamer2436d ago

why does the ps3 version look so washed out?

fluffydelusions2436d ago

This seems to be the trend with Besthesda games and PS3.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

Thats the question I've been asking since 2006. We see it MUCH less now, but when the PS3 first came out, most multiplatform games on the PS3 looked washed out compared to their respective 360 versions.

Bayonetta and every COD game since World at War are perfect examples.

Dirtnapstor2436d ago

The MW3 LOT favored the 360, and yes, his PS3 screens looked washed out... mine certainly don't. I simply turned the brightness way up and reproduced the washed out effect. Makes you wonder huh?

N4PS3G2436d ago

The anti aliasing implemented creates a "smart" blur.

thehitman2435d ago

I found that these comparisons make the ps3 looked "washed out". There are lots of times comparisons are done and the SS they use im like wtf my PS3 colors dont look like that. However, there are darkness difference between the 360/PS3 for sure sometimes I think the darkness in the 360 hides textures where as the lightness in the ps3 showcases all textures and in this case if you look at the rock pictures the PS3 has better smoothing applied. Most of the differences of darkness could be calibrated on your TV/Game settings idk why constantly these comparisons look the way they do. I have Skyrim for PS3 and can say it looks better than the pics show.

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news4geeks2436d ago ShowReplies(5)
the_fox002436d ago

Yeah, its really is a sad situation for all 3 platforms, but the 360 still comes out on top between these two all things considered.

I installed the game to my HDD and my textures look like GARBAGE most of the time. I still love the game but Christ Bethesda, lets hurry up with that patch!

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