Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year 2011 Nominee writes: Batman: Arkham City does so much right in offering a rewarding sense of progression. This action-adventure brawler expands on what its predecessor in Arkham Asylum did so well, giving gamers a larger world, more unlockables, more villains and more reasons to play through it multiple times.

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boricua822465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I agree,after playing gears 3,uncharted 3,rage,dark souls and skyrim they all didn't grab my attention as arkham city did and I do hope it wins cause this game deserves every bit of its praise.

jc485732465d ago

man, i feel bad because......I'm Batman.

Tanir2465d ago

to each his own, but right now im playing it and i dont feel what everyone else does, its mostly the horrible combat that is hurting me, its FAR too easy, very little skill is needed and didn't change much from the 1st games combat.

def not better than UC3 or dark souls too me, especially dark souls.

but maybe batman AC will randomly get good combat if i keep playing, maybe there will actually be combos and a strategy to killing enemies....then again i hoped for the same thing in the 1st game and it bored me to tears, the story is great though and im a batman fan so im gonna beat it anyway

boricua822465d ago

I love how I got so many disagrees without any reply on my opinion . Must be some butt hurt uncharted 3 fans that can't handle any other game being GOTY.

Ezio20482465d ago

BAC was awesome but mine is Uncharted 3.

Hicken2465d ago

Based on the agree/disagree rate in here, if you DON'T agree that Arkham City is GOTY, you're wrong. Even admitting it's a great game isn't enough.

Ezio20482465d ago

you are right mate but this clearly shows that even opinions are not appreciated by people at N4G. Anyways both are fantastic games!!

Hicken2465d ago

Agreed. Lots of great games came out this year. My personal favorite is also Uncharted, but with the likes of Batman, Skyrim, and Zelda around, it'd be a tough choice for more "official" sources to give their Game of the Year.