Review: Alan Wake |'s Marcus takes a trek back through time to deliver a review on this 2010 sleeper hit for the Xbox 360.

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coolbeans2463d ago

"2009 sleeper hit for the Xbox 360"

Came out in 2010.

MasterMasar2463d ago

Yea, I remember now. My mistake lol
This is why people shouldn't work ALL of the time. It kills their braincells better than drugs

rezzah2463d ago

This is the only game on the 360 that I ever wanted to play.

I really like psychological thrillers.

MasterMasar2463d ago

Well keep your eyes peeled for the sequel too! Not to mention there is also DLC for the first game with 2 expansions. It's a really awesome game and it has some great story to it

gaden_malak2463d ago

Meh, I wouldn't call it a psychological thriller. It wasn't at all scary considering it told you when & where the bad guys were coming with that stupid freeze moment.

Story is pretty average too.

MasterMasar2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Ouch man. I read a ton of Stephen King books and stuff and it played just like one of those to me which fueled a lot of my love for it.

rezzah2463d ago

Psychological thrillers are not always scary, sometimes they can just be mind bending on the current situation of reality. Like Silent Hill, where you don't really know where you are and even if you do it still doesn't make any sense for why you see what you see.

Big fan of Stephen King too, that's why when people related this game to his stories I got excited.

I think next year he's bringing out the next book for his Dark Tower series, I think it is a prequel that deals with Roland's past and his friend Cuthbert, Unsure of the correct spelling.

gaden_malak2463d ago

Yeah I really wasn't a fan of Alan Wake. Loved Silent Hill, just don't think Alan Wake did what it was intended to do.