Xbox and a decade of innovation

Chris Lewis: "I think we're in a rude state of health and we're obviously we're very happy with that. Unfortunately there's nothing to say about the future"

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WhiteLightning2470d ago

They got their idea from the Dreamcast which was the first to try and introduce gamers to online gaming, but it died before it took off.

Without a seed....there is nothing to water.

Noticeably_FAT2470d ago

And what operating system ran on the Dreamcast? That's right, Windows. Microsoft learned the in's and out's of consoles by working with Sega.

Technically there were other ways to play online for a long time before the Dreamcast, but Microsoft perfected it.

We can also thank there innovations like HD graphics, which was a huge step towards what we now have, same with HDD.

kevnb2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

what are you going on about? Xbox live is far from perfect with its peer 2 peer bs. HD graphics were coming this gen with or without microsoft... did you not notice when hdtvs became mainstream? M$ have done absolutely nothing except fluke out with halo. well I suppose they brought in achievements, so yay for that.

banner2470d ago

Sure there is... You can water the plant...

Virus2012470d ago

It doesn't matter who made it first. It only matter who perfected it and brought it to the masses because at the end of the day everyone know that Microsoft has created an amazing online service.

Hicken2470d ago

Perfected? I would say "don't make me laugh," but I already did.

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SKUD2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Point system? Genius idea.

WhiteLightning2470d ago

Ahhhh Bill Gates....back when Microsoft knew what they were doing, loved those days. As each old member left, Microsoft kind of lost their way.

Micro_Sony2470d ago

Can I ask you a honest question - why do you hate MS so much?

Its ok to prefer one thing over the other but looking at your comments history shows some real hate for MS.

I respect your decision to hate them but would like to know what they did to you that makes you feel that way towards them.

kevnb2470d ago

ya... they took what the dreamcast did and threw tons of cash around until they got to where we are today. No innovation, and they got lucky with a little game called halo. I think games like red faction and time splitters were just as good, but halo really got a lot of attention for being the only good xbox game for quite some time.

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