All of the Dark Souls Patch 1.05 Information

Trendy Gamers: Even though North American gamers are still on 1.03, Japanese gamers recently received the 1.05 patch and we have all of the details.

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TrendyGamers2439d ago

For all of you N4G'ers out there, this is not a copy of the earlier post about the Dark Souls patch 1.05 because this one includes all of the translated notes on the patch update, not just a slideshow and the post on our site includes all of the rumours and speculation as to why the patch has yet to come to North America.

Other than that, let me know what your thoughts are on the patch!

XeoZin2439d ago

To me it sounds like they change too much for the easier.

Overall increase in souls gained (~2-2.5 times more) what? thats aloot.

Humanity Item drop rate increased from 10 to 210. This is also a huge buff.

Dust skirt nerfed hard. No i loved my OP skirt! :p

Damage reduced on some mobs?
HP lowered on some mobs? Those 2 i realy hope not.

Tanir2439d ago

wtf? yeah those last 2 would be bad. the humanity increase would be a little bad also, i mean that means less summoning in general because anyone can get a soul easy.....hmm

iWishTifaWasReal2438d ago

the only thing i like about the patch is the Humanity drop rate cuz seriously you will go crazy at the Chaos Servant Covenant need for Humanities.
30 Humanities just for lvl 2. daaaamn

Hellsvacancy2439d ago

Too late for me, only 1 more trophy left till i platinum and sell it

ziggurcat2439d ago

exactly. a lot of people have long since completed/got platinum for this game...

it'll be good for those who haven't played/purchased the game yet, but it's a little too late for those who got the game a month ago.

TrendyGamers2439d ago

How many hours did it take to platinum it? Feels like it would be about a hundred.

SweatyFlorida2439d ago

You guys obviously don't care about PvP, which is why Demon souls had such a hardcore following. These fixes would ensure the longevity of PvP, as right now it's a mess :/ But saying your throwing it away after platinuming it (I'm 1 trophy away as well) makes you "kinda" sound like a trophy whore.

But I guess it's online aspect isn't for every one :/ (in which this patch fixes the most, to please those who enjoy PvP, easier mobs with more souls means I can get my build finished quicker and start PvP'ing)

KwietStorm2439d ago

I still have to play this. Or play it more really. For singe reason I didn't jump all over it like Demon's Souls.

Getowned2439d ago

same here Demon Souls was like crack to me and for some reason I just stoped playing dark souls,I really should get back to it,I really want a Demon Souls 2.

ziggurcat2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"... they don’t want to release too many patches lest they reach the free download limit enforced by Microsoft ..."


the limited free downloads applies to *DLC*, not title updates/patches.... FFS people are stupid and don't do their research.

LOL @ disagree because the limit actually does only apply to DLC content, not patches.

DarkBlood2439d ago

MS charges for downloads? i thought only sony does that

wow even after a paid subscription they are still trying to hoard more money

helghast1022439d ago

"Official Guide nerfed."
Where did I hear this joke.. oh yeah, it wasn't thebrett.

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