Game Informer | Activision: Call of Duty Elite Fix Coming "In The Next Two Weeks"

Activision's first attempt at creating a massive social network for its Call of Duty players hasbeen a rough one. Last week during the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, users were unable to register and log into with the service. To this day users have been unable to access the service. Game Informer recently spoke to Daniel Suarez's, VP of Production at Activision, for the latest.

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3GenGames2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Game will still be broken, along with all other call of duties. In Blops, they tried to make balanced by nurfing everything, but that failed even harder! Why can't they make them like they used to? COD4 is the perfect shooter. No contest. Everything since then has just been garbage. Exactly like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, and we know you can't buy those games anymore for a good reason. Over saturation and being crap.

StanLee2347d ago

They launched a broken service with a broken game but what's new? This has become so common place this generation that no one raises a stink! I've already put Modern Warfare 3 in a pile of games to trade-in in the next few weeks.

chriski3332347d ago

what!? thats just silly the game came out a week ago this should of been up and ready on release for shame MW3 u hurt us gamers

3GenGames2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

It shouldn't be out at all, DLC is garbage, especially COD DLC which is 4+ $15 packs of total garbage.

mugoldeneagle032347d ago

Instead of thinking of ways to get more money out of a product, gives us a product that works on day one the way it's supposed to.

Every time I've visted N4G this week I swear the top titles have been "BF3 fix on the way", "MW3 getting patch soon" or "COD Elite fix coming" blah blah.

Just shows why this whole annual game release for Activision isn't working. Everything is always half assed, good franchises get strung out and eventually die, and I'm afraid other developers/publishers are getting sucked into believing the same rhetoric (EA - MOH/BF)

Stop. Please. Or Call of Duty will soon follow down the same road as THPS & Guitar Hero

Jobesy2347d ago

Sorry to burst you bubble but COD will never end up like TH or GH. Why? Because skating games were never big and as a sport its a small market. GH was a peripheral driven genre that was aimed at the ultra casual market and we all know that market doesn't last. COD games have ALWAYS been a core genre and always will be. In fact, I find the casual player to be turned off by COD games because its too fast paced for them and they usually end up 0-14.

Grimhammer002347d ago

I don't understand. Full stop.
Mw3 plays great for me. Love it.

Elite needs to run better....and really should've be integrated fully on disc. Not an app.

BX812347d ago

Horrible hit detection. Try watching your kill cam or the final kill cam sometime.

BX812347d ago

What really pisses me off is you see ads. for the elite service telling you to buy it but they won't tell you it's not working right now. How about you put it out to the public that your service doesn't work now just like you try to sucker them into buying it. What a bunch of scum bags. I really want to punch someone in the face over this!