Saints Row The Third missing promised PlayStation 3-exclusive content

Gamesradar: A lot of promises were made at this past E3, with several publishers throwing their support behind Sony with exclusive content for multi-platform games. But just as was the case with EA's Battlefield 3, which was missing the copy of Battlefield 1943 the publisher said would be included in PlayStation 3 copies of the game, THQ's Saints Row: The Third is, too, lacking something brought up at E3: the ability to wield the game's "signature weapon" with the PlayStation Move.

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Focus2433d ago

Hee hee hee. We should all get what we paid for. My money is just as good as the next guy's money so extra content isn't fair.

SilentNegotiator2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

"We should all get what we paid for"

Like promised content?

What an attitude. 'Boo Hoo, I can't strike people with a phallic-sword on the 360 version with the PS move! It's not fair!'
They promised the ps3 version would have that content and they didn't promise it for the 360 version. Sounds perfectly fair that promised content with an exclusive peripheral would be on said version of the game and not on the other.

burgerman2433d ago

Actually, if there is actual exclusive and stay exclusive DLC it would probably be some like Little Big Planet add-ons. Most of the skins were from PS3-exclusive titles.

Just look at the Team Fortress Saints outfit.

Starbucks_Fan2433d ago

Can't PS3 owners get Saints Row 2 for free for activating the online pass?

nightmarex1212433d ago

Yeah they can, i guess the journalist forgot the memo.

TheLastGuardian2433d ago

I think this article was written before the announcement that Saints Row 2 is free when you activate your online pass.

SilentNegotiator2433d ago

Meh. I've already got Saints Row 2.

What I COULD use are more games worth playing with the Move.

jwk942433d ago

How did this article get approved? It's false.

TheLastGuardian2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

How is it false?

I was looking forward to trying this game with Move but Move support didn't make it onto the disc. Hopefully it will be cheap DLC later on.

jwk942433d ago

Because it's not missing content, thq already announced that the content that we'll be getting is sr2 not move support.